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2014 Ordinances

2014-01 Extending Marijuana Zoning Regulations
2014-02 4th Quarter 2013 Budget Amendments
2014-03 Adopting the 2012 State Building Code
2014-04 Utility Tax Decrease for City Water and Sewer Utilities
2014-05 Establishing Crimes Designated by the State as Misdemeanors and Gross Misdemeanors as Criminal Offenses under the PMC
2014-06 Amending the PMC and Adopting by Reference State Laws Establishing Various Misemeanor Crimes and Infractions
2014-07 Denying Requeseted Comprehensive Plan Amendment and Rezone for the Ferris Property located at 19872 Hamilton Ct.
2014-08 Adopting Comprehensive Plan Amendment 2014-03 and 2014-04 in the 2014 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Process
2014-09 Granting a Cable Television Franchise Extension to Comcast Cable
2014-10 Prohibiting Use of Unmuffled Compression Brakes in the City
2014-11 Amending the PMC to Allow for Parks and Recreation Fee Changes by Resolution
2014-12 Zoning Amendment, Prohibiting Marijuana Relates Uses
2014-13 Addressing of Land
2014-14 2nd Quarter 2014 Budget Amendments
2014-15 3rd Quarter 2014 Budget Amendments

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