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Bid: A proposed cost or offer price estimated to complete a specific project
Codification: The act or process of codifying or reducing laws to a code
Noncharter Code City: A noncharter code city is one, regardless of population, which has initially incorporated as a noncharter code city and is governed according to the provisions of RCW 35A under one of the optional forms of government provided for noncharter code cities
Ordinance: A public injunction, regulation, or law
Poulsbo Municipal Code: Laws that are enacted and enforced by the city government
Resolution: A policy or formal expression of decision made after a vote by the city council
city of poulsbo
AWC Association of Washington Cities
CAFR Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
CAO Critical Area Ordinance
CFP Capital Facilities Plan
CIP City Improvement Plan
EIS Environmental Impact Statement
FTE Full-time Employees
GMA Growth Management Act
GR General Rule
HDPA Historic Downtown Poulsbo Association
LID Local Improvement District
LID Low Impact Development
LIS Land Information System
MRSC Municipal Research and Service Center of Washington
PMC Poulsbo Municipal Code
PUD Planned Unit Developments
RCW Revised Code of Washington
RFP Request for Proposal
RFQ Request for Qualifications
SEPA State Environmental Policy Act
TIP Transportation Improvement Plan
WAC Washington Administrative Code
WACO Washington Association of County Officials
WSR Washington State Register

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