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How can I Participate?
Citizens can volunteer to serve on Poulsbo's boards and commissions by submitting an application (PDF) to the city clerk when there are vacancies. Citizens may also run for public office during election years. The mayor is elected to a four year term while the city council members are elected to staggered four year terms. Registered voters may cast their vote during election years.

City of Poulsbo's Boards and Commissions:
Civil Service Commission
Parks and Recreation Commission
Planning Commission
Police Advisory Board
Poulsbo Public Library Board
Tree Board

Poulsbo boards and commissions allow the citizens to participate in city government by: advising the Mayor and City Council, ensuring public input, addressing city needs, serving as a liaison, reviewing projects, and conducting public hearings.

To register to vote:

Who is eligible to hold public office?
RCW (Revised Code of Washington) 35.A.12.030 "No person shall be eligible to hold elective office under the mayor-council plan unless the person is a registered voter of the city at the time of filing his declaration of candidacy and has been a resident of the city for a period of at least one year next preceding his election. Residence and voting within the limits of any territory which has been included in, annexed to, or consolidated with such city is construed to have been residence within the city. A mayor or councilman shall hold within the city government no other public office or employment except as permitted under the provisions of chapter 42.23 RCW."

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