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Who does what?
The Mayor is the executive branch serving as the chief executive and administrative officer of the city who is in charge of all city departments and employees. The mayor also ensures that applicable ordinances and regulations are enforced and that the law and order are maintained in the city. The mayor presides over all meetings of the city council, reports to the council concerning financial and other needs of the city, and makes recommendations for council consideration and action. The mayor is the official and ceremonial head of the city, coordinating day-to-day activities.

Current Mayor: Rebecca (Becky) Erickson

The City Council is the legislative or policy-making branch and consists of seven members elected at large to staggered four-year terms. The city council has all the powers delegated by the state constitution which are not specifically denied by state law. Poulsbo operates as a noncharter code city. The primary responsibility of the council is to act as elected representatives of the citizens of the city and to legislate and set policies for the effective functioning of city government. With that in mind, the council's goal is to be open and available to the citizens so that fair and equitable legislation will be adopted and realistic policies approved. Each of the seven council members also serves on council committees providing liaisons to all city departments, boards, and various organizations throughout the city.

Current City Council Members:
• Council Position #1 Linda Berry-Maraist
• Council Position #2 Connie Lord
• Council Position #3 Gary Nystul
• Council Position #4 Jeff McGinty
• Council Position #5 Ed Stern
• Council Position #6 David Musgrove
• Council Position #7 Jim Henry

What is the Purpose of a Council meeting?
Poulsbo City Council meetings are held in city hall on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. Council meetings are the city's business meeting. City council business includes review and approval of contracts, agreements, to present and to pass new policies, and to hear committee and departmental reports. Other business items may include: approving city real estate transactions, approving fees and charges, and confirming city department heads and volunteer boards and commissions members.
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City Departments and Responsibilities

Administrative Services: The Administrative Services Department includes Human Resources, which is responsible for employment related services, and Information Systems, which manages the city website as well as all city computer and telephone systems.

City Clerk: The Clerks Department is the main information center for city government. In addition to providing information, public records and assistance to the citizens, the department maintains and updates the Poulsbo Municipal Code, has responsibility for all ordinances, resolutions, proclamations and policies and provides records storage for most city departments.

Engineering: The Engineering Department is responsible for City infrastructure (streets, utilities, etc), related codes and permits, as well as review of project proposals for compliance with City codes and construction regulations and inspection of projects for compliance with approved construction plans and City and State regulations/laws. In addition the Engineering Department is responsible for long-range planning and capital project design, management and inspection.

Finance: This department is responsible for utility billing, taxes, handling the city budget, and paying invoices. This department also analyzes, records, and communicates the city's economic events.

Municipal Court: The Poulsbo Municipal Court hears cases involving traffic infractions, city code violations, misdemeanors, and gross misdemeanors. It is the goal of this court to maintain accountability for the actions of individuals and also ensure that the punishment fits the violation.

Parks and Recreation: The main duties of the Parks and Recreation Department are to develop new city parks and to provide recreation programs and services to city residents.

Planning and Building: The City of Poulsbo Planning and Building Department responds to issues regarding land development, population growth, environmental quality, and building construction. A key focus of the department is the maintenance of the city comprehensive plan and implementing regulations in light of changes to state law and local issues.

Police: The Poulsbo Police Department helps keep our city's streets safe and free from crime. The Police Department provides high quality, professional crime prevention, protection, and law enforcement services to maintain and promote human safety and the security of property for the entire City of Poulsbo.

Public Works: Some of the main duties of the Public Works Department are maintaining city streets, utilities, and buildings.

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