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What is an average utility bill for a family of four?
Assuming the family has typical consumption of 10hcf of usage and with 1-32 gallon garbage:

Water: $14.62 BR & $20.50 consumption = Total $35.12
Sewer: $49.22 BR & $38.76 consumption = Total $87.98
Garbage: $18.70
Storm Drain: $16.99

Overall Monthly Estimate: $158.79
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I just purchased a home in the City of Poulsbo, how do I start Service?
If you have just purchased a home in the City of Poulsbo, it is necessary to activate your account to receive service. A New Account Application Form is required and a $20.00 processing fee will automatically be posted to your first billing.
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I just sold a home in the City of Poulsbo, how do I stop Service?
When selling your property, please contact the Accounting Technician (360-394-9724) to schedule a final meter read based on your closing date. When calling, please provide your new or forwarding mailing address, and, if possible the new owner's information.
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I am a new tenant/I have a new tenant at a home in the City of Poulsbo,
  how do I start/transfer service?
Charges for all services are billed to the property owner at the end of each month of service. The property owner may request the billing be mailed in care of a tenant by completing a Utility Billing Authorization Application(PDF). The City will only accept applications on accounts that do not have a delinquent balance. There is a $10.00 processing fee for this service. Please note: the bill will still be the responsibility of the homeowner, all charges remain against the property.
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Now that I have an account with the City of Poulsbo, how can I pay my bill?
  When is my bill due
Bills may be paid in person, by mail, over the phone (there will be a $3 convenience fee for phone payments), and online. Please click here to see Paying Your Bill
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I didn't receive my bill this month, what do I do?
All utility bills are mailed the last day of each month; if you haven't received your bill, please contact the Finance Department (360-394-9724) to verify your correct mailing address is on file. Also, the Utility Billing Clerk can send you out an additional copy for your records. You may want to contact your United States Postal Office (1-800-275-8777) if it becomes a continual problem. All bills are due on the due date regardless of receipt of the bill.
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What day will my garbage and recycling be picked up?
The City operates its own garbage services and provides a curbside recycle program in conjunction with garbage pickup, the fee for recycling is included in the monthly fee garbage rate. Recycle is picked up bi-weekly on the same day as the garbage. Garbage is picked up once a week, Monday - Friday, including holidays. For your garbage day please contact Public Works. All cans must be curbside by 7:00 a.m. and no more than 65 lbs.
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What if I have extra garbage?
Prepaid garbage tags can be purchased at City Hall for $8.91 each (one tag per can, box or bag). Untagged garbage will not be collected!
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I need to temporarily have a dumpster at my property, what do I need to do?
For temporary dumpster rentals please contact our Public Works Department. For rates please click here.
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My can is not large enough/is too large, how can I  upgrade/downgrade my can size?
Please contact the Finance Department (360-394-9881) or Public Works to make arrangements to change your garbage service.
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I put my garbage out on time and it was not picked up, what do I do?
Please contact our Public Works Department to arrange pick up of missed garbage.
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Do I qualify for a discounted utility rate?
Please click here to view information about Low Income Senior/Low Income Disabled Rates.
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My house will be vacant or I'm going on vacation or will be out of town for an
  extended period of time, how do I discontinue service?
If your property is on the City's water system, you may elect to have the Public Works Department lock off your meter while your home is temporarily vacant. The cost for the turn off/on is $20.00. The water, sewer and garbage charge will be suspended. Your monthly charge will continue for storm drain. Please complete and return the Utility Temporary Suspension Form (PDF) to City Hall.
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Why did my bill go up so much from last month?
It is possible you may have a leak at the property, compare your usage to previous months. If you believe you may have a water leak try these Tips on Finding a Water Leak (PDF)
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Do I have to pay for the sewer portion of a water leak?
If it has been determined that high usage is due to a water leak you may be eligible for a credit for a portion of the sewer billing. You will need to submit a Sewer Billing Adjustment Form to the Finance Department at City Hall. The request will be reviewed and if Public Works can determine that no water went into the sewer system they will issue a credit to your account. We strongly suggest you pay account in full by due date, while the adjustment request is pending review, to avoid accruing any penalties.
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What can I do to lower my monthly utility bills?
Conservation of water is not only environmentally friendly, but by lowering your water usage you can save on your monthly utility bill. Every 100 cubic foot of water is equal to 748.5 gallons of water! All that usage really adds up! See our Water Saving Tips to help in conservation of water and your pocket book!
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Misc Billling FAQ

Do I have to register my alarm system?
Yes, all active alarm systems in City limits must be registered with the Poulsbo Police Department You can do this by completing an Alarm Registration Form (PDF) and returning it to the City with a $25.00 registration fee.

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