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Are you interested in learning what your property is zoned, where critical areas are located, and what planning regulations are applicable to your property? The information contained below and the links to the right should lead you in the right direction. Or, contact us with additional questions.

City of Poulsbo, WA
Planning Codes & Amendments:

The Poulsbo Municipal Code (PMC) is available at this link. Please look for these Planning-related titles:

Title 16 (Environment)
Title 17 (Subdivisions)
Title 18 (Zoning) 
Title 19 (Permit Processing)

City of Poulsbo, WA

Master Public Tree Plan

City of Poulsbo, WA
Planning Department Maps:

Click on the thumbnail of a map to see the full-sized version (PDF). You should check with the Planning Department for the most recent maps.

Poulsbo Zoning Map

Aquifer Critical
Areas Map

(Comp Plan Fig. NE-2)


Geological Hazard
Areas Map

(Comp Plan Fig. NE-3)


Fish and Wildlife Habitat Conservation Areas DNR Hydrology Water Type Map

(Comp Plan Fig. NE-4)


Wetlands Critical
Areas Map

(Comp Plan Fig. NE-1)


Fish and Wildlife Habitat Conservation Areas

(Comp Plan Fig. NE-5)


Annexation to Poulsbo 1996-2011 Map


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