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2016 Comprehensive Plan + Development Regulations Periodic Update

City of Poulsbo, WA

Poulsbo Comprehensive Plan

Poulsbo’s Comprehensive Plan is a policy and legal document that reflects the community’s desires, goals and needs for the future, within the context of the requirements of the Growth Management Act.  On December 2, 2009, the Poulsbo City Council adopted the 2009 Comprehensive Plan by approving an adopting ordinance and exhibits (see 2009-14).  The plan has been updated as of 2013 as part of the annual amendment process.  An amendment reference guide is available as a PDF below, which tracks amendments made to the Poulsbo Comprehensive Plan over time.

The Comprehensive Plan can be downloaded and reviewed by selecting from the links below.  This document is rather large so it has been broken down into smaller documents for ease of downloading.  You will need to download all of the following links to get the document in its entirety.  To view these documents, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader version 9.0 or greater.  A hard copy of the adopted plan is available at the Poulsbo Planning Department. 

If you have any questions concerning the City of Poulsbo Comprehensive Plan, please contact the Poulsbo Planning Department at (360) 394-9882 or
City of Poulsbo, WA

pdf Title Pages
pdf Chapter 1 - Introduction
City of Poulsbo, WA
pdf Chapter 2 - Land Use
pdf Chapter 3 - Community Character
pdf Chapter 4 - Transportation
pdf Chapter 5 - Natural Environment
pdf Chapter 6 - Capital Facilities
pdf Chapter 7 - Housing
pdf Chapter 8 - Parks, Recreation and Open Space
pdf Chapter 9 - Economic Development
pdf Chapter 10 - Utilities
pdf Chapter 11 - Participation, Implementation and Evaluation

City of Poulsbo, WA
City of Poulsbo, WA
(4.7 MB PDF)

City of Poulsbo, WA
Section 4:

pdf Appendix A - Technical and Background Data
  Appendix A-1 Population, Housing and Employment Trends
  Appendix A-2 Existing Land Use Inventory
pdf Appendix B - City of Poulsbo Functional Plans
  Appendix B-1 2014 Water System Plan
  Appendix B-1 MOU between the City of Poulsbo and Kitsap PUD#1
  Appendix B-2 2008 Sanitary Sewer System Plan (40 MB)
  Appendix B-3 2008 Storm Water Management Plan (22 MB)
  Appendix B-4 2006 Transportation Plan Update (1.1 MB)
  Appendix B-5 2006 Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan (2 MB)
  Appendix B-6 2012 Urban Paths of Poulsbo Plan (3 MB)
pdf Appendix C - Land Development Review and Evaluation
  Appendix C-1 Residential Density Calculations from 2002 - 2008
  Appendix C-2 Poulsbo 2008 Land Capacity Analysis Tables
  Appendix C-3 KRCC Countywide Planning Policies and Reasonable Measures (6 MB)

Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement:

pdf Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (FSEIS) (6 MB)

Comprehensive Plan Amendment Reference Guide:


Poulsbo Comprehensive Plan Amendment Reference Guide

(Last updated 7/07/15)


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