City of Poulsbo
K. Bailey

The Poulsbo Police Chaplaincy Program, established in June 2010, serves as a resource for department personnel:

  • To support Officers during and after critical incidents as needed.
  • To assist when dealing with the public in such incidents as accidental deaths, suicides, suicidal subjects, serious accidents, drug and alcohol abuse, and other such situations that may arise.
  • To provide an additional link between the community, other chaplain programs and the Department.
  • To attend shift changes, do ‘ride alongs’, or just hang out with the department personnel.
  • To perform crisis intervention and care for victims, families and witnesses of critical incidents.
  • To assist with notifying families of serious injuries or death.
  • To provide confidential counseling, spiritual guidance and insight for department personnel and their families if desired.

Chaplain Ken Bailey has been the Department Chaplain since the inception of the Chaplain Program.  Ordained in 2003, he is a part of The Charteris Foundation, and a member in good standing with the International Conference of Police Chaplains.  Chaplain Bailey is a full time Chaplain also serving the Poulsbo Fire Department and the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office.  He also serves on the Kitsap County Department of Emergency Management’s “Critical Incident Stress Management” team.



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