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Capital Projects - Last Updated 8/26/16

For more information or questions on projects not listed here, please contact the Engineering Department at 360-779-4078 or send inquires to


Hostmark Mains and Pavement Restoration

The construction on Hostmark Street is nearing completion. Two separate projects took place – the Hostmark Mains Project and the City-wide Pavement Restoration to finish the paving after the utility work was complete. The utility work included replacement of over 2,200 lineal feet of exiting water and sewer lines and structures, and a new asphalt base layer between NE Hostmark St from SR 305 to Caldart Ave. The Pavement Restoration project provided the final layer of asphalt on August 25th. The contractor for the utility project, Pape & Sons, has some final punch list items to complete before the project is closed out, and the pavement contractor, Lakeside Industries, has some minor finishing work like striping to complete and structures to raise, before that project is completely closed out. There will be some minor impacts to traffic and flaggers will be present when needed, but no significant delays in traffic flow are anticipated.


Viking Avenue PRV Installation

This project will consist of the installation of two pressure reducing valve systems in the vicinity of Viking Ave to allow additional flow in the City's water system from the west high zone to the low zone. Click Here to see a map showing approximate locations of PRVs. The project was awarded to Olympic Peninsula Construction, Inc. in August. The work is anticipated to begin in September and should be complete by November.

Former City Hall Demolition

The major work for the demolition project is complete. There may be some final punch list items to complete before the project is closed out. The City is working on the transfer of the property to the developer for residential development.



Residential Properties Abatement and Demolition
This project consists of demolition of a city owned residential structure at 19159 8th Ave and another at 19250 7th Street. Hazardous materials surveys and testing have been completed for the two residential structures in preparation for removal. Bids were opened for this project on August 8th and are subject to acceptance for sixty (60) calendar days from that date. The City is currently evaluating cash flow and budget capacity and has not made a decision to award this contact yet.

Noll Road Improvements

The project will connect SR305 to NE Lincoln Rd via Noll Road, Languanet Lane, and Maranatha Road. The project will include roadway, street lighting, sidewalk, bike lane, and shared use path improvements in various configurations through the corridor. The project will realign Noll Road from ¼ mile south of Poulsbo Elementary School to SR305 (new roadway.) It will also include intersection improvements (roundabout or traffic signal) at the new intersection in the vicinity of Johnson Road and possible intersection traffic control at the Noll Road intersection. Preliminary design on this project is underway. Click here for more details on current project activities.

Pugh Well/Lincoln Well #2 Treatment for Manganese

This project consists of the design and construction of the Lincoln Well #2 Manganese Water Treatment Plant. The facility will be located on the Lincoln Well #2 site at 2500 NE Lincoln Road. Construction will include site grading, construction of a building to house the water treatment plant, installation of the water treatment plant, associated piping, backwash facilities, sedimentation pond, and necessary electrical and mechanical equipment. The pilot study for the treatment facility during the design phase was partially funded by a grant from the Department of Health. Construction was advertised and bids were opened in September. The bids all exceeded the Engineer’s estimate and were therefore rejected by Council. The Engineering Department is working on a new value-engineered bid package to re-bid the project in the fall of 2016.


Liberty Bay Pump Station Upgrades and Poulsbo Village Pump Station Upgrades

The Liberty Bay PS Upgrades will consist of the expansion of the lift station to meet current and future demands within the basin. Existing pump equipment will be replaced including all pumps, valves, and controls and the electrical pedestal/generator transfer switch will be replaced.


The Village PS Upgrades will consist of the replacement of existing pump equipment including all pumps, valves, and controls. Pump controls will be installed above ground and the float system will be upgraded to a transducer based control system with the floats as the backup.


 The two pump station projects will be bid as one construction project in 2017.

Peterson Street Rock Wall Repair

This project is currently on hold due to budget constraints. The project will consist of the design and construction of a new rock wall on Peterson Street. The existing wall was surveyed and it was determined that the stability of the wall is insufficient.


Liberty Bay TMDL Plan

The City was awarded a grant from Department of Ecology to develop a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Implementation Plan for Liberty Bay that will describe actions to help attain water quality standards and meet TMDL targets for discharges from the City. The project goal is to improve water quality in Liberty Bay and freshwater tributaries by reducing contaminant loading from impervious surfaces in the City’s urban area. Work on this project is wrapping up and will be complete by June 30th, 2016.

Liberty Bay Waterfront Trail

This project will extend trails in American Legion Park to the existing trail system in Fish Park. Feasibility studies and pre-design work on this project are ongoing. The viability of the project is promising and the City anticipates more forward progress on this project in the coming months.



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