City of Poulsbo, Washington

Capital Projects - Last Updated 5/14/15

6th Ave and 9th Ave Sewer Pump Stations

The 6th Ave and 9th Ave Pump Station project upgrades will begin on May 18th. The major components to this project are the construction of a new sanitary sewer pump station and controls at 6th Ave and 9th Ave; construction of new force mains; construction of new water main and service connections; construction of a new sidewalk, and paving and striping. Parking will be reduced by 4 parking stalls on Matson Street at Lions Park for staging of materials. Click here for additional project details. Construction is expected to be completed in October.

City of Poulsbo, WA

3rd Ave - Central Business District LID Improvements

This project is partially funded by a stormwater grant from the Department of Ecology. The project included improvements to 3rd Ave Road and stormwater improvements throughout the city. The project is wrapping up and will be complete soon.
City of Poulsbo, WA

Decant Facility/Solid Waste Transfer Station

The Decant Facility/Solid Waste Transfer Station is the first phase of the overall development of the new Public Works facility located at 22125 Viking Way. Phase I facilities were advertised for bids in November 2014. Construction began in January and is scheduled to be completed by the end of May 2015. This project is partially funded by a stormwater grant from the Department of Ecology.

City of Poulsbo, WA

Pugh Well/Lincoln Well #2 Treatment for Manganese

This project consists of the design and construction of the Lincoln Well #2 Manganese Water Treatment Plant.  The facility will be located on the Lincoln Well #2 site at 2500 NE Lincoln Road.  Construction will include site grading, construction of a building to house the water treatment plant, installation of the water treatment plant, associated piping, backwash facilities, sedimentation pond, and necessary electrical and mechanical equipment. The pilot study for the treatment facility during the design phase was partially funded by a grant from the Department of Health. Bid documents are in the process of being developed.
City of Poulsbo, WA

Liberty Bay Waterfront Trail

The City has hired Parametrix to assist with the feasibility study for the Liberty Bay Waterfront Trail project. This project will extend trails in American Legion Park to the existing trail system in Fish Park.

City of Poulsbo, WA

Liberty Bay TMDL Plan

The City has been awarded a grant from Department of Ecology to develop a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Implementation Plan for Liberty Bay that will describe actions to help attain water quality standards and meet TMDL targets for discharges from the City. The project goal is to improve water quality in Liberty Bay and freshwater tributaries by reducing contaminant loading from impervious surfaces in the City’s urban area. Work on this project is underway and is expected to be complete by March 2016.

City of Poulsbo, WA

Peterson Street Rock Wall Repair

This project is currently in the design phase and will consist of the design and construction of a new rock wall on Peterson Street. The existing wall has been surveyed and it has been determined that the stability of the wall is insufficient.

City of Poulsbo, WA

Viking Ave PRV Installation

This project is currently in the design phase and will consist of the installation of two pressure reducing valve systems in the vicinity of Viking Ave to allow additional flow in the City's water system from the west high zone to the low zone.

City of Poulsbo, WA

Lincoln Road

The Lincoln Road Project is complete. The project added new pavement, sidewalks, bike lanes, water main, storm main, and shared use path to NE Lincoln Road (from NE NE Lauire Vei Loop to Noll Road). The project started in June of 2014 and has been partially funded by state and federal grant sources.


City of Poulsbo, WA


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