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Missed Garbage

Avoid Missed Collection:
Please have can(s) out by 7:00 am: Collection times vary as routing schedules change, so it is very important to have all containers at the street by 7:00 am.

Preparing your can(s):
All garbage must fit inside the can with the lid closed. Placement is important as the truck's mechanical arm needs unobstructed access to your can.

Placing your can(s):
• Place your can near the curb or at the road edge
• Two (2) feet apart
• At least three (3) feet from cars, trees, mailboxes, fences
• Can wheels as close to the curb or road edge as possible
• Can lid opening toward street

When possible, trucks with robotic arms will lift, empty and replace the can without the driver leaving the truck, reducing safety hazards and traffic congestion.

If your can was at the curb by 7:00 am and missed, please call 360-779-4078.

Missed Pickups Due to Bad Weather Conditions:
If the roads are icy and unsafe for trucks to navigate, Public Works may not be able to cover all routes, especially in hilly areas.

If your pickup is missed for garbage and recycling due to bad weather, you should take materials back in and a double load of garbage and recycling will be collected at no additional charge on the next regularly scheduled collection day (a week later).

Holiday Schedule:

City of Poulsbo Public Works department collects garbage during ALL holidays including: Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day. Bainbridge Disposal will also collect recycling during all holidays. There will be no change to your scheduled garbage pickup day during holidays.

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