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Who do I contact regarding traffic signal outages?

Traffic signals that are within City limits are the responsibility of the Public Works Department. Please call (360) 779-4078, to report signal outages or problems.

Highway 305 traffic signal timing or outages, please call Department of Transportation (DOT) at (360) 357-2616.
City of Poulsbo

Who do I contact about trees in the power/telephone lines?
The Public Works department is not allowed to work within 10' of power lines. To report trees in power/telephone lines contact Puget Sound Energy, 1-888-225-5773, or Embarq, 1-800-877-1125.
City of Poulsbo
Who do I call regarding a deceased animal in the roadway?
Deceased DOMESTIC animals (i.e. cats, dogs) in roadways must be reported to the Kitsap County Humane Society, (360) 698-9654 ext. 2. (They may be able to contact the pet owner) Deceased WILD animals (i.e. raccoon, deer, opossum) should be reported to the City of Poulsbo, (360) 779-4078.
City of Poulsbo
How do I report pot holes?
Pot holes on City of Poulsbo roadways may be reported to Public Works, (360) 779-4078, at any time. If calling after normal business hours please leave a message and provide the street name and direction (east bound, west bound, etc.), the address of location and/or the nearest cross street.

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