City of Poulsbo, Washington
Staff Contact List

Becky Erickson Mayor 360.394.9700
city of poulsbo
Administrative Services
Dave Stenstrom Information Systems Manager 360.394.9701
Nick Williamson Senior Information Systems Technician 360.394.9708
Deanna Kingery Human Resources Manager 360.394.9705
Alexis Foster Risk Manager/City Prosecutor 360.394.9710
Tracey Hamilton-Oril Paralegal    
Rhiannon Fernandez City Clerk 360.394.9711

Kati Diehl Deputy City Clerk 360.394.9880

city of poulsbo

Allan Chappell Building Inspector I 360.394.9734
Cherlyn Haley Building Permit Specialist 360.394.9882
Sheila Miller Building Inspector II 360.394.9738

city of poulsbo


Debbie Booher Finance Director 360.394.9720
Jana Brown Accounting Manager 360.394.9721
Zach Cunningham Accounting Technician 360.394.9722
Jon Jennings Accounting Clerk - Cashier 360.394.9726
Sandi Ryen Accounting Technician 360.394.9724
Jessica Walser Accounting Technician 360.394.9707
Chloe Wardle Accounting Clerk - Accounts Payable 360.394.9728
Kelly Ziemann Senior Budget Accountant 360.394.9725
city of poulsbo
Municipal Court
Linda Baker Court Administrator 360.779.9846  
Tracy Green Judicial Specialist 360.779.9846  
Amy Knutsen Judicial Specialist 360.779.9846  
Jeff Tolman Judge    
city of poulsbo
Parks & Recreation
Mary McCluskey  Parks & Recreation Director 360.779.9898
Heidi Allen Preschool Assistant

Andrea Austin Preschool Lead Teacher 360.779.9898
Debbie Deboodt Receptionist 360.779.9898
Kris Goodfellow Recreation Programmer 360.710.6750
Pat Hightower Administrative Assistant 360.394.9773
Pam Raymond Preschool Assistant 360.779.9898
Joe Schiel Recreation Programmer 360.731.1938
Jami Sipila Receptionist 360.779.9898
city of poulsbo
Planning & Economic Development
Karla Boughton Planning & Economic Development Director  360.394.9748
Edie Berghoff Associate Planner 360.394.9748
Nikole Coleman Associate Planner 360.394.9748
Marla Powers Associate Planner 360.394.9748
Helen Wytko Planning Technician 360.394.9748
city of poulsbo
Dan Schoonmaker Police Chief 360.779.3113
Jason Bell Police Officer
Luke Bogues Police Officer
Charles Foster Police Clerk 360.779.3113
David Gesell Police Officer
Jay Gillen Police Officer
Troy Grossman Sergeant 360.779.3113
John Halsted Sergeant
Nick Hoke Police Officer
MaryCarol Howerton Senior Police Clerk 360.779.3113
Craig Keller Police Officer
Daniel LaFrance Police Officer
Howard Leeming Sergeant       360.779-3113
Valerie Nau Police Officer
Andy Pate Deputy Police Chief 360.779.3113
Jeremy Robinson Community Services/Code Enforcement Officer
Susan Rufener Police Clerk 360.779.3113
David Shurick Detective 360.779-3113
Stacey Smaaladen Police Officer
Gary Westerfield Police Officer
Lee Wheeler Detective    360.779-3113
Shawn Ziemann Police Officer
city of poulsbo
Public Works - Engineering
Andrzej Kasiniak  Director of Engineering 360.779.4078
Michael Bateman Transportation Engineer 360.779.4078
Aaron Hulst Development Review Engineer 360.779.4078
Diane Lenius City Engineer 360.779.4078
Charlie Roberts Engineering Technician 360.779.4078
Damon Sallee Field Inspector 360.779.4078
Joe Smith Senior Field Inspector 360.779.4078
Dean Zavack Civil Engineer 360.779.4078
April Zieman Contract Administrator 360.779.4078
city of poulsbo
Public Works   
Mike Lund Public Works Superintendent 360.394.9757
Tom Barnes Maintenance Technician Sr.    
David Bledsoe Maintenance Technician    
Victor Cienega Building Maintenance Mechanic
Jerald DeCoteau Maintenance Technician Sr.    
Josh Duerr Grounds Maintenance Tech II
Matthew Duerr Maintenance Technician Sr.    
Anja Hart Senior Engineering Tech 360.394.9753
Ryan Golden Foreman 360.394.9751
Vidal Hernandez Maintenance Tech Sr.    
Sev Hoiness Maintenance Tech Sr.
Rick Hoskins  Maintenance Tech Sr.    
Josh Howerton Mechanic 360.394.9759
Shane Johnson Maintenance Technician Sr.    
Vern Johnson Custodian    
Rick Jordan  Maintenance Tech Sr.
Jon Lord Maintenance Tech Sr.    
Rita Myrick Custodian    
Robert Perkins Maintenance Tech Sr.    
Chad Pitts Maintenance Tehnician    
Rich Sardarov Maintenance Technician Sr.    
Jordan Schager Water Quality Field Technician 360.394.9747
Keith Svarthumle Public Works Assistant Superintendent 360.394.9755

Joe Walker Foreman  360.394.9756
Kris Watson Grounds Maintenance Tech II
Shannon Wood Office Manager 360.394.9754
Trina Wood Office Clerk II 360.394.9758

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City Hall
200 NE Moe Street
Hours:  M-F 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Phone: (360) 779-3901
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