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Engineering > Capital Projects > Finn Hill Road Improvements – Shared Use Path Project


The City of Poulsbo, in partnership with Kitsap County, will construct a paved shared use path on the East side of NW Finn Hill Road and Rhododendron Lane NW between Vinland Elementary School and Olhava Way NW Road. This shared use path will be approximately 4,000ft long and 14ft wide with a few segments narrower to accommodate critical areas. This is a an important project for the City to add pedestrian facilities to NW Finn Hill Road as well as to provide a safe route to school from neighborhoods in the area.

In addition to the shared use path, the project includes construction and installation of a storm drain system, curb and gutter, street-side landscaping, and a short elevated boardwalk. As part of this project, the City worked with Puget Sound Energy to install street lights on NW Finn Hill Road to improve safety.


September 22, 2020

The NW Finn Hill Road shared use path project is beginning to take shape. The majority of the shared use path on Rhododendron Lane NW and a good portion on NW Finn Hill Road has been paved as well as installation of the curb and gutter. This week and into next week, the contractor will shift focus and start paving the roadway and forming up and pouring ADA pedestrian curb ramps and driveways.

 The center of the road has been shifted temporarily to accommodate installation of the curb and gutter. The contractor will shift traffic back to its normal configuration once paving has been completed. Please drive slowly and cautiously through the work zone while traffic is shifted.

Additionally, expect delays near the Olhava Way NW Road – NW Finn Hill Road intersection while the contractor works to install the shared use path in this area.

Expect delays and flagging two-way one lane traffic most days.  We thank you for your continued patience.


For questions regarding this project, please contact Charlie Roberts –  in the Engineering Department at 360-394-9882.