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Engineering > Capital Projects > Forest Rock Lane Pavement Preservation Project


Forest Rock Lane, an important neighborhood collector in our City Network, was built 20 years ago and is in need of an upgrade.  Steepness of the road, subsurface water flow, road base and asphalt thickness have all been contributing factors to condition of the road.  This project will rebuild the road base, install trench drains, and thicker asphalt to improve the road. The road will be upgraded from the Central Market entrance to Caldart Avenue.

This is the first Full Depth Reclamation type of project for the City. The existing road and base is pulverized and used to build the new road section on top of it.  This means the project reuses material, reduces the work and material required by the contractor and shortens the duration of the project.   The project will also include drainage enhancements, ADA upgrades, installation of a radar speed sign, and channelization of the road to slow down traffic.

During construction a portion of the Forest Rock Lane will be closed for the duration of the project. The portion of the closed road does not have any driveways on it, however there will be no access during construction. The decision to close the road was based on a few different drivers including safety, road grade, impact to the citizens, and schedule constraints. By allowing a road closure, the project schedule was able to be reduced thereby reducing project impacts.

This project will start construction in May 2019 with completion by August 2019.


July 16, 2019

 Seton Construction has finished work on Forest Rock Lane and the road is open to traffic. Project elements included full reconstruction of the road subgrade, installation of underdrains, new asphalt pavement, ADA improvements, additional striping, and radar speed sign.

 The City of Poulsbo is appreciative of everyone’s patience while this project was under construction!



For questions regarding this project, please contact Charlie Roberts –  in the Engineering Department at 360-394-9882.