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Goals & Accomplishments

2014 Goals

  • Financial Sustainability: balancing revenues with expenses while retaining levels of service for the community. Secure, involved business management of the City.Responds to Council Goal: #9 – Revenues and Financial Stability, #10 – Customer Service
  • Poulsbo’s continuing planning challenges: Continue to thrive while we retain our heritage and quality of life.
    Responds to Council Goal: #1 – Land Use, #2 – Community Character, #3 Natural Environment, #6 – Parks & recreation and Open Space
  • Continue updating citizens with current information and awareness of social needs.
    Responds to Council Goal:#5 – Housing,  #10 – Customer Service
  • Economic growth through business attraction and support of existing businesses within our communityResponds to Council Goal: #7 – Economic Development
  • Regional presence: Poulsbo, by its geography is the center of North Kitsap County. Provide regional services and find regional revenues to support these services.
    Responds to Council Goal: #7 – Economic Development, #9 – Revenues and Financial Stability

2013 Accomplishments

  • Promote private investment with the location of Safeway in our community and increased housing starts with Liberty Hills, Chateau Ridge, Talon Glen and Vinland Pointe subdivisions.
  • Viking Avenue revitalization continued with increased sales taxes generated.
  • Listed city properties for sale including the old city hall pad and police station, sold the Jensen Avenue Museum property.
  • Achieved a balanced budget while supporting increased revenue flows.
  • Employment repositioning with hiring in our police, parks and recreation and planning departments.
  • Continued open door policy for community outreach including Saturday with the Mayor.
  • Regional involvement in Housing Kitsap to help achieve balanced and sustainable budget.
  • Regional board positions for Kitsap Transit, CENCOM, Department of Emergency Management, Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council including Executive Committee and Puget Sound Regional Council.
  • Worked with community service organizations in support of domestic violence victims and extending a social safety net to our most needy.
  • Revamping zoning code to incentivize investment along Viking Avenue, flex lots in subdivisions and tree retention for future development.