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The purpose of this project is to demonstrate chip seal as a potential pavement preservation method to residents living in the city limits and to seek public input on its acceptability on neighborhood streets.


Construction to take place August of 2017


Through this project, innovative variations of chip seal will be applied to neighborhood streets. Residents along Urdahl Rd, 9th Ave NE, portions of 12th Ave NE, and portions of Kevos Pond Drive will be the first to have their declining streets addressed.  Additionally, residents along Haugen, Watland, and remaining portions of 12th Ave NE may also be included in this year’s project. The variations of chip seal to be demonstrated are very cost effective compared to other pavement preservation alternatives, such as asphalt overlays. If city residents are in favor of the chip seal results, it will allow more neighborhood streets to be improved over a shorter time period.

More information on project locations, preservation techniques, and installation process can be found  in the Pavement Maintenance Demonstration Project Flyer.



Residents are encouraged to get involved in this demonstration project by becoming familiar with roadway condition before and after the demonstration project. Please share your feedback with the City via the project webpage or by emailing comments to publicworks@cityofpoulsbo. Written comments may also be delivered to the Public Works department on the second floor of City Hall.