Poulsbo Event and Recreation Center (PERC)

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This page provides the opportunity for you to learn about the PERC and provide feedback to the project team. Your feedback is a vital part of the planning process! Public outreach has been uniquely designed around the circumstances of the health pandemic, bringing forth alternative means to still ensure community involvement. This page is the home where the community’s engagement, thoughts and concerns are summarized and reported. You will find the results of the first PERC preference survey hosted Fall 2020, the March 2021 Community Online Open House and Community Chats, and the PERC Steering Committee and Work Group meeting summaries and recordings. Keep checking back as announcements for new community engagement will be posted here as well.

Update – October 15, 2021

The PERC Site Design Concept has undergone refinements through focusing on event center and outdoor recreation, based on the robust input received from the Community Steering Committee, the input received from the Poulsbo community, and findings from the PERC Market Analysis Report. ARC Architects team members presented updated programming options, and a preliminary site and building design to the Community Steering Committee on Thursday, September 9, 2021.

Check out the September 9th summary packet by clicking hereopens PDF file . The meeting video may be viewed from this link. You may also find these resources below in the Steering Committee section of this webpage, inside the Meeting #4 tab.

Please have a look at the exciting developments in PERC Feasibility Study Site Planning, and stay tuned for more to come!

What is the PERC?

The Poulsbo Events and Recreation Center (PERC) is a concept for a multi-use recreational, educational, and events center. With the financial support of the Kitsap Public Facilities District and the encouragement of the Kitsap community, the City of Poulsbo is undertaking the planning of the new facility. The PERC is a collaboration between the City of Poulsbo, the Kitsap Public Facilities District (KPFD) and the community to create a new public facility in Poulsbo. The PERC will include outdoor sports fields, indoor recreation and events spaces, and serve as the future home of the City of Poulsbo Parks and Recreation Department.

Steering Committee

One of the cornerstones of the community engagement plan is the Community Steering Committee. The Steering Committee,  made up of community members, is reviewing and informing the City on functions and opportunities related to use of the space, advising on key elements of the Feasibility Study, and providing a recommendation on the financial feasibility of the PERC. The Steering Committee will be reviewing community comments at each stage of the process.

Steering Committee Work Groups

The Steering Committee has organized the following project-aligned work groups to focus on key elements of the Feasibility Study and provide input to the PERC project team and consultants, and the City.

The Market Analysis Work Group will review market research prepared by the City’s consultant BERK Consulting, provide input on the preliminary market analysis findings and provide a recommendation on the market feasibility of PERC functions.

Market Analysis Work Group Meeting #1

Market Analysis Work Group Meeting #2

opens in a new windowFinal Draft Market Analysis – July 19, 2021opens PDF file

The Draft Management Plan Work Group will review and provide input on the PERC facility Management Plan Framework, review and provide insight on a preliminary plan, and provide a recommendation of feasibility on a Final Draft Management Plan.

Draft Management Plan Work Group Meeting #1 (TBA – please check back!)

The Site Concept Plan Work Group will provide input on site constraints and opportunities, evaluate alternative site design/layout, and provide a recommendation on a preferred site plan concept.

Site Concept Plan Work Group Meeting #1 (TBA – please check back!)

The Financial Analysis Work Group will discuss capital funding strategies, provide input to a financial plan, and advise the Steering Committee on the financial feasibility of the project

Financial Analysis Work Group Meeting #1 (TBA – please check back!)

Online Open House March 2021 – Results

The PERC Community Online Open House was open on this page from March 1-31, 2020.  The Online Open House hosted a new video, sought additional feedback and clarification preferences from the first community preference survey through a short questionnaire and additional commenting opportunities.  The PERC project team also hosted two PERC Online Community Chats on March 27th and 30th, 2021 via Zoom.  Below, please find the results, videos and summaries from the PERC Online Open House:

Live Zoom Community Chat Meeting Video Recordings:

Community Survey #1 Results – Summary

The City of Poulsbo hosted the first PERC online community preference survey October -November 2020 that was intended to solicit feedback on indoor recreation, outdoor recreation, events and City recreation programs.  The preference survey was directly mailed to over 5,000 city resident addresses and emailed to over 10,000 households in the North Kitsap School District.  Social media also generated 12,000 touches.

Almost 1,300 survey responses were received, and hundreds of comments provided.  If you took the time to participate in the first PERC community preference survey, we thank you!   Please find the survey results summarized in the quick link boxes below; the following links bring you to more detailed results.  After reviewing the results, we’d appreciate you providing your reactions, thoughts and additional input through the comment form, short questionnaire or attending a live zoom community chat.  Thank you!


Indoor recreation at the PERC will be accessible for all ages, with diverse programs and quality equipment. Indoor recreation will be closely coordinated with City Parks and Recreation programs across all seasons and provide activities from early morning to evening.

The community voiced a strong preference for an aquatic facility at the PERC (as shown in the image below). A new pool would be an expensive element to construct and require a long-term commitment to maintenance and operations. The project team will evaluate whether a swim facility is a feasible element for the PERC. Feasibility will be determined in part through estimating the number of pool users and the overall cost to provide a pool. The City is also talking with potential partners who could help contribute to a swim facility at the PERC.



Community Survey Key Take Aways

  • A place for activities during cold or rainy weather, such as indoor soccer, walking/ running, baseball, and racquet sports.
  • Activities for seniors and mobility impaired.
  • Multi-use facilities.
  • Don’t duplicate what is already offered in the community.

The PERC is intended to create new multi-use fields for tournament, league, and community activities. Several surveys and studies over the past several years demonstrate a need for more local fields. The KPFD selected the PERC for funding in part because of the demonstrated need and value of fields to the greater community. In addition to fields, the community continued to voice its desire for more outdoor opportunities for walking and running trails and activities for children.



Community Survey Key Take Aways

  • Lighted multi-use fields to host tournaments.
  • Walking/jogging path with exercise stations.
  • Accessible to seniors and mobility impaired.
  • Community needs more sports fields vs. community has enough sports fields.

The PERC will include an events center with multi-use conference and meeting spaces that are accessible to community groups for regional and local events. The events center is a key element for the project that will provide sources of revenues needed to sustain all PERC elements. The City is actively engaging with OC, WWU, and NKSD to understand how the events space could support their students and faculty.

Our community survey in late 2020 asked about event preferences for the PERC and the preferences were evenly shared between shared uses between performing arts, educational activities, and local activities like weddings, in-door markets, and banquets. The project team is considering how to accommodate multiple uses and is conducting a market analysis to identify potential revenues from event and space rentals.



Community Survey Key Take Aways

  • Community needs space for groups to gather for meetings, trainings, social events, classes, and lectures.
  • Don’t duplicate what is already offered in the community.

Stay Involved!

Please sign up for project updates, spread the word, take surveys (there will be more!), and attend events around milestones in the process.