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Let Poulsbo be your North Star!

Here you can find information and get inspired by different local businesses. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or are looking to start a new or second career, let us help you with the research. With an educated workforce, prime geographic location, and plenty of developed and undeveloped space you can move into, Poulsbo is ideal for starting a business.

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  • Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation
  • Information Technology Businesses
  • Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Medical Centers
  • Professional Services
  • Specialty Food and Beverage
  • Specialty Retailers
  • Greater Poulsbo Area
If you would like more information on City requirements or are looking for a potential location, please feel free to talk to us! We prefer you make an appointment so we have time to prepare. Please call us at (360) 394-9748 or email us at plan&

Please note that this information is just a snapshot of Poulsbo. If you would like to be added to the Poulsbo Polaris, please contact us!

*The City of Poulsbo does not endorse any listed business.*