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Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Department is comprised of the City Clerk, Human Resources, Information Services, Risk Management and Housing, Health and Human Services.

Rhiannon Fernandez
City Clerk
(360) 394-9880
rfernandez@cityofpoulsbo.comcreate new email

Deanna Kingery
Human Resources Manager
(360) 394-9705
dkingery@cityofpoulsbo.comcreate new email

Dave Stenstrom
Information Services Manager
(360) 394-9701
dstenstrom@cityofpoulsbo.comcreate new email

Alexis Foster
Risk Manager
(360) 394-9710
afoster@cityofpoulsbo.comcreate new email

Kim Hendrickson
Housing, Health and Human Services Director
(360) 394-9794
kimberlyh@cityofpoulsbo.comcreate new email