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Long Term Goals

#1 – Growth 
Manage growth and change consistent with the Poulsbo Comprehensive Plan and adopted Smart Growth goals, the Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council and the State Growth Management Act

#2 – Economic Development
Encourage a variety of job and housing opportunities through economic development including telecommunications

#3 – Public Safety
Ensure the protection of persons and property

#4 – Revenues and Financial Stability
Make efficient use of city resources and maintain the city’s long‑term financial stability in accordance with the city’s financial policies

#5 – Parks & Recreation
Address an enriched quality of life through support of parks, recreation and open space and promote cultural natural resource stewardship

#6 – Public Works
Provide and maintain city facilities, basic services of water, wastewater, solid waste, surface water and streets and achieve regulatory compliance

#7 – Customer Service
Continuously provide courteous, professional and responsive customer service

#8 – Enhanced Communication and Participation
Promote understanding of city government through education and public participation

#9 – Environment
Enhance the community’s quality of life through responsible development of land and stewardship of the natural environment


Adopted by City Council Ordinance 2002-13 08/07/2002

2017-2018 Working Goals

1. Develop and Implement a “Neighborhood Streets Maintenance Program”

(Responds to Community Goal #1 – Land Use and #9 – Revenues and Financial Stability)


  • Explore and Revisit “Neighborhood Streets Maintenance Program” and related costs as developed by Engineering Department in Council Workshop in coming year.

Responsibility – City Council

 2. Explore Funding Sources for “Neighborhood Streets Maintenance Program”.

Responsibility – City Council

 3. Implement “Neighborhood Streets Maintenance Program” based on funding.

Responsibility – Engineering and Public Works Departments

4. Develop Long Term Economic Development Plan

(Responds to Community Goal #7 – Economic Development)


  • Annually address the Comprehensive Plan Update as appropriate.

Responsibility – Planning/Economic Development Committee/City Council

5. Explore and support the College Town concept, Nightlife Economy and appropriate business locations. 

Responsibility – Planning/Economic Development Committee/City Council

6. Explore alternative housing solutions. 

Responsibility – Planning/Economic Development Committee/City Council

7. Construct New Public Works Facility

(Responds to Community Goal #4 – Capital Facilities)


  •  Develop design/scope of work and proposed budget for construction.

Responsibility – Mayor/Engineering/Public Works

  • Review design/scope of work and proposed budget

Responsibility – City Council

  • Decommissioning of old Public Works facility
    Responsibility – Mayor/Engineering/Public Works
8. Implement Dog Fish Creek Study

(Responds to Community Goal #3 – Natural Environment)


  • Review Dog Fish Creek Study, identify projects in study and set remaining priorities.

Responsibility – Engineering

  • Establish Funding for Implementation of Prioritized Projects
  • Investigate Hattaland Park.

 Responsibility – City Council

9. Complete 8th Ave. Culvert Replacement

Responsibility – Engineering

  •  Remove Brush and Willows along State Route 305

 Responsibility – Public Works

 10. Restore and Refurbish the Poulsbo Community Cemetery

(Responds to Community Goal #2 – Community Character)

Responsibility – City Council/Mayor

11. Develop New Approaches to Promote, Engage, and Communicate with our Youth

(Responds to Community Goal #2 – Community Character) 

Responsibility – City Council