Poulsbo Municipal Court

Mandatory In Person Appearance – Effective 9/22/22

Hearings that are currently required to be in person, unless leave is previously granted by the Court are:

  • Bench Warrant Quashes
  • Change of Plea
    • Entry or Amendment of Pre-Trial Diversion Agreement or Deferred Prosecution
  • Hearings Where Conditions of Release Will be Addressed/Amended
  • Motions
  • Sentencing
    • Judgment & Sentence
    • Motion to Revoke/Revocations
  • Trials
  • Weapons of Surrender Review

TELEPHONIC/ VIDEO APPEARANCE AT HEARING: The court will be using video (Zoom) and teleconferencing to hold hearings. Information about video and teleconferencing will be mailed and emailed to participants. If you have an upcoming hearing, call the clerk to make sure we have your mailing and email address on file.

If you wish to observe court proceedings and are NOT a participant, use the link below.  * A Live video will only appear when court is in session *


Courtroom Observation


The recording and/or posting of court proceedings is strictly prohibited. This includes court proceedings available to the public through live streaming.

An excellent tutorial and instructions are found HEREopens PDF file . Test your connection and audio well in advance of your hearing.  First time users may be prompted to download the Zoom software and should plan accordingly.

All participants are reminded you are appearing in a virtual courtroom.  Your demeanor and your surroundings should reflect the serious nature of court proceedings.  There is no lessening of appearance standards and especially not for Officers of the Court (Attorneys, Interpreters, etc.).  All proceedings are recorded. Attorneys are expected to appear by video.

Upon entering the video courtroom participants (Video and phone) will enter a “waiting room” until admitted into the proceedings by the Judge or Court Staff.  Remain in the waiting room.  We are aware of your presence and will admit you when ready.

To join conferencing by phone (no video) call (253) 215-8782.  At the prompt, enter the Meeting ID, then the password that was provided for your hearing.

PAPERWORK: All paperwork should be delivered to the court via email, fax, or mail whenever possible.

The Poulsbo Municipal Court is a court of limited jurisdiction. The Municipal Court Judge is authorized by Washington State Statute to preside over the following types of cases: non-traffic infractions, traffic infractions, parking infractions, criminal misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors occurring within the city limits of Poulsbo, and orders for protection for victims of domestic violence. Court sessions are open to the public. We welcome all to view our judicial system at work.

To look up your court date online, opens in a new windowfind my court date.

If you received a ticket from the State Patrol or the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Department please contact opens in a new windowKitsap County District Court 360.337.7109

Poulsbo Municipal Court

Office Hours:
Monday through Friday
8:00am – 4:30pm
We are closed for lunch from 12:15pm – 1:15pm

200 NE Moe St
Poulsbo, WA 98370

Phone: 360.779.9846
Fax: 360.779.1584

Email:  poulsbocourt@cityofpoulsbo.comcreate new email

opens in a new windowDirections

Payment Information

Parking Tickets:
When submitting payment or inquiries regarding parking tickets:

  • We can access parking ticket information by either the parking ticket number or the vehicle license number, not by owner name.
  • Always include your parking ticket number – if you don’t have that include the vehicle license number, including state where registered.

Do not send cash through the mail or leave cash in the drop box.

Checks or Money Orders:
Make checks/money orders payable to: PMC or Poulsbo Municipal Court

  • Include case or ticket number. If you don’t have the case or ticket number include the name of the person listed on the ticket or court charging document if different from your name.
  • Include your phone number with payment.

Drop Boxes:
You can use the drop box located near the front doors at Poulsbo City Hall or the drive up box located on 3rd Ave behind Poulsbo City Hall.

  • Mark the outside of your envelope “Poulsbo Municipal Court.”
  • Include case or ticket number. If you don’t have the case or ticket number include the name of the person listed on the ticket or court charging document if different from your name.
  • Include your phone number with payment.

Credit Card Payments:
Credit card payments can be made through nCourt.

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