Current Applications & Notices

Land Use (Planning) applications are identified in the tables below.

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Proposed Land Use Applications - Currently Under Review

Project NameFile No. Project LocationApplication TypeApplication Status
NKSD Vineland Elementary opens in a new windowP-04-29-22-0122104 Rhododendron LaneMinor Site Plan ReviewApproved, Appeals Due by 10/3
Winslow Ridge opens in a new windowP-02-26-21-02Rhododendron Ln PRD and Preliminary PlatPCPH 9/13
Northway Estates opens in a new windowP-07-18-22-01Urdahl RdPreliminary PlatPublic comments due 9/15
Green Shoreline Residence opens in a new windowP-08-10-22-01543 BovelaMinor Shoreline Substantial DevelopmentPublic comments due 9/23
Eliason Building opens in a new windowP-06-20-22-0118800 Front St NESite Plan ReviewRevisions received 9/9, under review
4th Ave Apartments opens in a new windowP-11-29-21-014th Ave NESite Plan ReviewRevisions requested
Musick Multifamily opens in a new windowP-06-23-21-01Viking AveSite Plan ReviewRevisions requested
Blackmore Multifamily opens in a new windowP-12-09-21-01Viking Ave NESite Plan ReviewRevisions requested

Approved Land Use Applications

Project NameFile No. Project LocationApplication Type
Lincoln Cottages opens in a new windowP-12-16-21-01NE Lincoln RdPRD and Preliminary Plat
Spencer opens in a new windowP-03-27-20-01Urdahl RdPRD and Preliminary Plat
Blue Heron opens in a new window Z07110008Noll Rd NEPRD and Preliminary Plat
Johnson Ridge opens in a new windowP-08-02-19-01Johnson Road NEPRD and Preliminary Plat
Calavista opens in a new windowP-05-08-19-01Caldart Ave NEPRD and Preliminary Plat
Noll Terrace opens in a new windowP-12-06-19-01Noll Rd NEPreliminary Plat
Liberty Landing opens in a new windowP-11-19-18-01Hamilton Ct NEPreliminary Plat
McKinnon opens in a new windowP-11-08-21-01Boundary Line Adjustment
Jackson Short Plat opens in a new windowP-03-31-22-01Urdahl RdShort Plat
Morajean Lane Short PlatP-10-16-19-03Morajean Lane NWShort Plat
Haugen ACUP and Short Plat opens in a new windowP-07-13-20-01NE Haugen StreetShort Plat
Westry Village opens in a new windowP-12-22-21-01College MarketplaceSite Plan Review
Oslo Bay ApartmentsP-12-05-19-01SR 305/Bond/VikingSite Plan Review
McCarry Buildings opens in a new windowP-03-25-22-01Reliance St/Quickstep CtSite Plan Review
Chipotle/MOD opens in a new windowP-02-17-22-0221401 Olhava Way NW Site Plan Review
Harborview Infill opens in a new windowP-04-01-21-01NE Torval Canyon RdSite Plan Review
Pacific Surgery Renovation opens in a new windowP-05-17-21-0120669 Bond Rd NESite Plan Review
College Mercantile opens in a new windowP-03-18-21-01NW Reliance StSite Plan Review
Discount Tires opens in a new windowP-03-30-21-017th Ave NESite Plan Review
The Sophie opens in a new windowP-12-17-20-01Jensen Way NESite Plan Review
CMP Apartments opens in a new windowP-11-19-20-01Dauntless Dr NWSite Plan Review
Poulsbo Place Division 8P-03-24-20-01Jensen Way/3rd AveSite Plan Review
Torval TownhomesP-02-26-20-01Torval Canyon/1st AveSite Plan Review
Vanaheimr opens in a new windowP-05-18-17-02NE Hostmark StSite Plan Review
Fernwood II opens in a new windowP-10-28-19-02 10th Avenue NESite Plan Review
Norland Trails Apartments opens in a new windowP-04-06-20-01NW Advance Drive Site Plan Review
Poulsbo Yacht Club “E” Dock RenovationP-10-20-20-02Fjord Drive NEMinor Shoreline Substantial Development Permit
Port of Poulsbo Boat Launch, Floating Dock, and Bulkhead RepairP-12-02-19-01Fjord Drive NEShoreline Letter of Exemption
Martha and Mary Childcare ACUP opens in a new windowP-05-18-21-0219160 Front St NEAdministrative Conditional Use Permit
Viking Ave Fuel Tank Installation opens in a new windowP-01-07-22-01Viking Ave NEAdministrative Conditional Use Permit