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Oslo Bay Apartments


Application Overview:

Project Narrative (as provided by the applicant):

The Oslo Bay Apartments project is proposed by Edward Rose & Sons (, a privately held real estate development and management company established in 1921, that engages in a variety of land development and construction projects that have ranged from single-family residential to large scale mixed-use and multi-family projects. The Oslo Bay Apartments project is a residential community proposed to be located northwest of the intersection of State Route 305 (SR305) and State Route 307 (Bond Road, SR307) in the City of Poulsbo. The Oslo Bay Apartments project encompasses 56-acres and  is comprised of 13 apartment buildings and a Community Center. The proposed project will consist of 468 multi-family residential units including 244 one-bedroom, 208 two-bedroom, and 16 three-bedroom units . A variety of common areas and resident amenities are located throughout the site and within the Community Center. The project also includes the construction of private roads, parking lots, pedestrian pathways, utilities, landscaping and stormwater management systems. The project will also develop a public road system from SR305 to Viking Ave NW. The Vetter Road NW right-of-way (ROW) which bisects the site is proposed to be improved as a residential collector. A portion of this ROW is proposed to be vacated and relocated to facilitate connection to SR305.

Application Review Process:

The Oslo Bay Apartments opens in a new windowSite Plan Review (SPR)opens PDF file is a opens in a new windowType IIopens PDF file review per Poulsbo Municipal Code opens in a new windowTitle 19. The review authority for a Type II application is the Planning and Economic Development Director. No public meetings/hearings are required.

Project Location:

The Oslo Bay Apartments project is opens in a new windowlocatedopens PDF file northwest of the intersection of State Route 305 (SR305) and State Route 307 (Bond Road, SR307).

Project Timeline

Next Steps:

  • Review submitted revisions
  • Review submitted public comments
  • Coordinate with partner agencies on review
  • Issue SEPA threshold determination
  • Develop Staff Report
  • Staff Report issued at least 5 calendar days prior to issuance of Notice of Decision

Public Noticing Documents

Staff Contact

Marla Powers | mpowers@cityofpoulsbo.comcreate new email | 360.394.9737