2024 Comprehensive Plan Update

Background and Purpose

The Comprehensive Plan is the centerpiece of local planning .  Like a business plan, the Comprehensive Plan provides the framework for how our community will grow. The Comprehensive Plan is amended annually through the “ opens in a new windowdocket process” which provides citizens an opportunity to suggest changes to the Comprehensive Plan.  In addition to annual amendments, the Growth Management Act (RCW 36.70A) requires counties and cities to conduct a mandatory “periodic update” at least once every ten years.  The City’s next periodic update is due in December 2024.

There are three primary purposes of the update:

  • Review plan and regulations and bring them up to date with any relevant changes to state law and the Growth Management Act (GMA)
  • Respond to changes in land use and population; and
  • Address any local preferences or needs.


Project Documents

Joint City Council and Planning Commission Growth Strategy Meeting - September 27, 2022
Economic Development Element Update
Housing Element Update

coming soon