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The Urban Paths of Poulsbo (UPP)

The Urban Paths of Poulsbo Plan was conceived as a trail plan to connect neighborhoods, parks, shopping and schools, and then link to regional trail systems leading from the city and into Kitsap County and beyond. Urban Paths of Poulsbo highlights the need for non-motorized options with the community. The plan was originally developed from 2009-2011 and adopted in 2012. The Poulsbo Parks & Recreation Commission will be the reviewing body.

The City of Poulsbo is beginning the process of updating the Plan. This update is a chance to refresh outdated language and review the progress made and identify new opportunities for connectivity in Poulsbo.

Primary Project Tasks

Updating the Urban Paths of Poulsbo Plan includes the following tasks:

  • Review and analysis of park and recreation related surveys.
  • Update to existing inventory and maps.
  • Identification of new opportunities for connectivity.
  • Development of a Draft Plan Update.
  • Community Open House.
  • Approval by Parks and Recreation Commission.
  • Docket for 2019 Comprehensive Plan Amendment.

Project Timeline:

Click here for the Urban Paths of Poulsbo Draft Updated Urban Paths of Poulsbo August 2018, a map of Urban Paths of Poulsbo Proposed Priorities and a map of Existing Non-motorized Facilities.

October 22, 2018 | Parks and Recreation Commission Meeting

November 2018 | Present to City Council

November 2018 | Docket updated Urban Paths of Poulsbo for 2019 Comprehensive Plan Amendment

Vision Statement

The Poulsbo trail system embodies the community spirit that distinguishes our city, linking the places we live, learn, work, play and find inspiration. Trails reconnect us to ourselves and lead people of all ages and abilities to greater health and self-sufficiency. Our trails, like branches, support Poulsbo and reach out to connect neighbor to neighbor; land to water; people to nature; homes to businesses; city to countryside; and Poulsbo’s history to our future.

Urban Paths of Poulsbo

At their May 15, 2012 meeting, the Poulsbo City Council approved the Urban Paths of Poulsbo Plan as a functional plan in the 2011-2012 Comprehensive Plan amendments. This adoption is the culmination of over three years of work by a dedicated citizen’s committee, coordination with staff and support of the city council. This plan represents a vision that can be used by developers, volunteers, staff and all citizens for many years to come.

This document has been developed in coordination with other planning efforts undertaken by the city. Some of these planning efforts include the Comprehensive Plan (adopted December 2009); the Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Plan (adopted June 2006); and the transportation element of the Comprehensive Plan (adopted December 2009).

Please click here to see the Urban Paths of Poulsbo final plan dated May 16, 2012. Two maps are included as part of the Urban Paths of Poulsbo: The Urban Paths of Poulsbo Conceptual Map and the Urban Paths of Poulsbo Bike Map.

In 2018, the Poulsbo Parks and Recreation Commission will be reviewing and refreshing the 2012 Urban Paths of Poulsbo plan. Click below for updated information on the draft plan and maps:

Click here for the Urban Paths of Poulsbo August 2018 DRAFT as recommended by the Poulsbo Parks and Recreation Commission,  a map of Proposed Priorities and a map of Existing Non Motorized Facilities. This plan will be included in the Comprehensive Plan update in 2019. Public comment will be accepted during the process which will go from January-March 2019. Staff is still interested in YOUR ideas for new trails and connections in the City of Poulsbo.  Please email Mary with those ideas.

For more information please contact:

Mary McCluskey, Parks and Recreation
200 NE Moe Street
Poulsbo, WA 98370