The Poulsbo Tree Board was established in 1997 to advise and educate the Mayor, City Council and citizens on issues pertaining to trees in the city. This includes the promoting of responsible planting of trees on public and private property; promoting public education and proper maintenance of trees; advocating trees within the city; providing for aesthetics within the city through the formulation and implementation of tree programs; developing innovative and joint funding for tree projects from a variety of sources; and providing the Mayor and the City Council with a yearly report regarding Tree Board activities.

opens IMAGE file The Tree Board is offering the following classes for the Spring 2022 session. Classes are free, but pre-registration is required for planning purposes. To register, call 360.779.9898 or register online at


Poulsbo Tree Board members and City Arborist Kevin McFarland. Join us in discovering the wide variety of tree species growing in Poulsbo. We will enjoy a pleasant spring walk through the city’s neighborhoods and learn about significant tree species growing in our city. Flowers and emerging leaves encourage us to get out in our gardens and enjoy the beauty of Spring. Tree identification characteristics, exceptional attributes and spring tree management will be discussed. We will meet in Poulsbo, site to be announced. Pre-registration is required.

Sun      Apr 30                         10:30a-12p       FREE


Dr. Jenise Bauman, WWU and Tree Board members. Have you wondered about what will happen to trees as the climate warms? We will discuss the response of native and introduced trees species to climate change, including local, regional, and global changes in tree composition, as well as the tree selection for restoring disturbed ecosystems. Recreation Center Kitchen/Classroom OR Virtually via Zoom, TBD. Pre-registration is required.

Tue      May 17                         6:30-8:00p        FREE

WALK AND TALK: WHAT’S WRONG WITH MY TREE?                                                          IN-PERSON, OUTDOOR

Bess Bronstein and Janet Brown, ISA Certified Arborists and Poulsbo Tree Board members. Do you often ask yourself if there is something wrong with your tree? Why is your tree’s foliage turning red in July? And what are those bugs coating the leaves and stems? Are the new flowers supposed to turn brown the day after they appear? Learn how to examine trees for signs to help identify problems due to insects and diseases versus those caused by poor plant management or climate issues. Centennial Park.  Pre-registration is required.

Sat       Jun 11                         10a-12p            FREE  

WILDFIRE & OUR TREES: DEFENSIBLE SPACE & TREES                                                                          VIRTUAL

Terri Jones, Registered Professional Forester-Emeritus and Tree Board Member.  The window of susceptibility for a large-scale fire in the Puget Sound area is increasing.  What does that mean for us and our trees and shrubs?  This presentation provides a basic awareness of fire regimes, fire spread and defensible space in relation to retention of trees and shrubs.  Expanding our knowledge of this topic informs actions that may increase protection for our homes, and potentially our vegetated landscapes.

Tue      Jun 28                         6:30-8:30p        FREE

SUMMER TREE PRUNING: FIELD DEMONSTRATION                                                           IN-PERSON, OUTDOOR

City Arborist Kevin McFarland and Tree Board member, Bess Bronstein. Join this remarkable team to learn about what summer pruning can do for your trees.  Late summer is a great time to prune fruit trees as well as certain ornamental trees including dogwoods, magnolias, maples, and other flowering trees. If you have always wanted to learn how to keep your trees from sending up so many suckers and waterspouts, this is the class for you. We will meet in Poulsbo, site to be announced. Pre-registration is required.

Sun      Jul 10                           10a-12p            FREE

Current Board Members

  • Jenise Bauman, Chairperson
  • Bess Bronstein
  • Janet Brown
  • Joan Hett
  • Terri Jones
  • Gayle Larson
  • Jim Leary

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