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The Poulsbo Tree Board was established in 1997 to advise and educate the Mayor, City Council and citizens on issues pertaining to trees in the city. This includes the promoting of responsible planting of trees on public and private property; promoting public education and proper maintenance of trees; advocating trees within the city; providing for aesthetics within the city through the formulation and implementation of tree programs; developing innovative and joint funding for tree projects from a variety of sources; and providing the Mayor and the City Council with a yearly report regarding Tree Board activities.

Current Board Members

The Poulsbo Tree Board currently has one vacancy. Please see the Documents and Forms Section of this page for more information on the Tree Board’s roles and activities.

  • Jenise Bauman
  • Janet Brown
  • Shelby Iapoce
  • Gayle Larson
  • Jim Leary
  • John Martin
  • Jeff Philip (Chairperson)


2024 Goals

  1. Re-Establish Community Visibility.
  2. Connect with the City Council.
  3. Work with staff to develop a major grant project.
  4. Educate the community on Healthy Urban Forestry.
  5. Advocate and Assess for tree expansion within the City.


Beginning January 1, 2023 all agendas, minutes, and meeting video’s will be posted on the City Council Agenda and Minutes page.

To view the current meeting Agenda, click HERE to go to the Agenda and Minutes page. Upcoming meetings are listed towards the bottom of the page with the Agenda, Minutes and Video links to the right of the meeting date.

Meetings will be held Hybrid, virtually via Zoom Webinars and In-Person at the City Hall Council Chambers.
To join the Zoom Meeting, click the link below:
Dial +1 (253) 215-8782 / Meeting ID:  85947587555 / Passcode: 635632


Meeting Minutes (PDFs) & Videos Archives

Video recordings started in November 2020 for this board. Not all meetings have corresponding videos, if a video is available it will be noted next to the minutes.

  • JM = Joint Meeting
  • NVR – No Video Recording
  • SM = Special Meeting
  • SV = Site Visit (No business conducted or video on file)
  • * = Meeting Cancelled