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The Parks and Recreation Commission is responsible for giving advisory recommendations to the City Council on all regulations, resolutions, plans, policies, projects and proposals relating to the city parks system, recreational facilities or open space, to promote public use and awareness of the city’s park facilities and services, to hold public meetings to solicit public input for the parks and open spaces planning process, and to apprise the City Council, Public Works Department and Parks and Recreation Department of the community’s park and recreational needs.

Current Commission Members

  • Mari Gregg
  • Joe Hulsey
  • Justin Johnson
  • Stefan Keel
  • Kelly Michaels
  • Judy Morgan
  • JoAnn Schlachter (Chairperson)
  • Mary Swoboda-Groh (Vice Chairperson)
  • Amy Zinkhon

Commission Goals

  1. Collaborate with staff to gather, implement, and assess community parks and recreation priorities. 
  2. Assist Staff in developing a robust and sustainable active adult (Seniors) program.
  3. Assist staff with building resiliency in program staffing and volunteers.
  4. Assist staff in finding and matching volunteers with Parks & Recreation projects.
  5. Assist staff in conducting a market analysis of comparable facilities, amenities, and rental rates as well as offering input for Recreation Center facility improvements and space utilization. 


Beginning January 1, 2023 all agendas, minutes, and meeting videos are posted on the City Council Agenda and Minutes page.

To view the current meeting Agenda, click HERE to go to the Agenda and Minutes page. Upcoming meetings are listed towards the bottom of the page with the Agenda, Minutes and Video links to the right of the meeting date.

Upcoming Meetings

Poulsbo Parks and Recreation Commission meets the 4th Monday of every other month.

Meeting Minutes (PDFs) & Videos Archives

Video recordings started in October 2020 for this board. Not all meetings have corresponding videos, if a video is available it will be noted next to the minutes.













  • JM = Joint Meeting
  • SM = Special Meeting
  • SV = Site Visit
  • * = Meeting Cancelled