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Notice of Postponement of Seal Coat Project Summer 2022


Snow Route 2023-2024


2022-2023 Plowing Services

The Public Works Department is responsible for maintenance of all City streets including traffic signs and signals, street sweeping, and snow and ice removal.

Inquiries should be directed to Public Works, (360) 779-4078.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact regarding traffic signal outages?

Traffic signals that are within City limits are the responsibility of the Public Works Department. Please call (360) 779-4078, to report signal outages or problems.

Highway 305 traffic signal timing or outages, please call Department of Transportation (DOT) at (360) 357-2616.

Who do I contact about trees in the power/telephone lines?

The Public Works department is not allowed to work within 10′ of power lines. To report trees in power/telephone lines contact Puget Sound Energy, 1-888-225-5773, or Century Link, 1-800-877-1125.

Who do I call regarding a deceased animal in the roadway?

Deceased DOMESTIC animals (i.e. cats, dogs) in roadways must be reported to the Kitsap County Humane Society, (360) 698-9654 ext. 2. (They may be able to contact the pet owner) Deceased WILD animals (i.e. raccoon, deer, opossum) should be reported to the City of Poulsbo, (360) 779-4078.

How do I report pot holes?

Pot holes on City of Poulsbo roadways may be reported to Public Works, (360) 779-4078, at any time. If calling after normal business hours please leave a message and provide the street name and direction (east bound, west bound, etc.), the address of location and/or the nearest cross street.

Reminder – The City does not maintain or pave private roads.