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Business Licenses

The City of Poulsbo is participating in a joint business licensing program with the State of Washington Business Licensing Service. Most businesses may now apply online for the City of Poulsbo and various state and local agencies (including Department of Revenue, Secretary of State, Employment Security, Labor & Industry, and Department of Licensing and other municipalities) using a single form with addendum pages for each participating municipality.

You will receive one Business License from the State showing both your city and state business licenses.

To register your business with the City and State:
Visit the City of Poulsbo License Information Page. You will be instructed how to apply online or by mail. Questions about the Business License Application form or the Addendum form should be directed to the Department of Revenue at (360) 705-6741.

The Department of Revenue has a free, new iPhone and iPad app to help contractors, retailers, and delivery persons find the right local sales tax rate.

It’s instant and easy to send information from the job site from anywhere in Washington you have wireless service.

License Fees
New application $65.00 (plus State application fee)
Annual Renewal $65.00 (plus State processing fee)
Temporary $20.00 **
Non-Profit $0.00

** Temporary Business Licenses are available, however they are only valid any fourteen days within a three month period and are non-renewable.

PMC 5.04 (Business Licenses)

PMC 18.70.070 (Home Occupation Permits)

Animal Licenses

The City of Poulsbo has partnered with the Kitsap Humane Society (KHS) for animal control and pet licensing. You may visit the Kitsap Humane Society website for more information.

License Requirements and Application

All dogs and cats over the age of six months residing within the city limits of Poulsbo are required to be licensed.

For all other licensing regulations, see Poulsbo Municipal Code 6.08. The full animal code can be found at Poulsbo Municipal Code Title 6.

License fees

New fees effective April 1, 2015

1 Year


Dog – Altered



Dog – Unaltered


Not available

Cat – Altered



Cat – Unaltered


Not available

Service Dog


No Fee

Dog – Senior Citizen Permanent License (Altered Only)



Cat – Senior Citizen Permanent License (Altered Only)



Dog – Citizens Who Are Disabled and Low Income (Altered Only)



Cat – Citizens Who are Disabled and Low Income (Altered Only)



Replacement Tags – Dog or Cat



Peddler’s Licenses

License Requirements and Applications

A Peddler is defined as: All persons, including both principals and agents, as well as employers and employees, who go from place to place, or house to house, or by indiscriminately approaching individuals, trading, dealing, carrying, exposing or offering for sale goods, wares, merchandise or services of any type. Sales by sample or for future delivery, and executory contracts of sale by peddlers are embraced within subsection A of this section; provided, however, that this chapter is not deemed applicable to any salesperson or canvasser while soliciting trade from wholesale or retail dealers in the city.


The Peddler’s License Application form is to be completed with the Company’s and Main Contact Persons Information. If multiple persons will be going door to door, a separate Individual Peddler Information form must be completed by each individual peddler.

For all rules and regulations, please see Poulsbo Municipal Code 5.24.

License Fees
Peddlers License Application Fee $15.00
Individual Peddler Fee No Fee

Pawnbroker Licenses

License Requirements and Applications


A Pawnbroker is defined as: every person engaged, in whole or in part, in the business of loaning money on the security of pledges, deposits or conditional sales of personal property.

A Pawnshop is defined as: every place at which the business of pawnbroking is being carried on.

It is unlawful for anyone to engage in the business of pawnbroking or to conduct a pawnshop without a pawnbroker’s license.

License Fees
License Fee $25.00