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Business Licenses
How long will it take to process my business license?
Processing time can range from 10 days for the online application, to 3–6 weeks for the paper application.

How will my license be renewed?
Business Licensing Service will send you a renewal notice approximately 45 days before your license expires. You may complete your renewal online, or by mail using the Business Renewal form you receive with your renewal notice.

Do I also need to be licensed with the State of Washington?
Yes, every business in the State of Washington is required to be licensed with the Department of Revenue. Information regarding State business licenses can be found at

Animal Licenses
Are the licenses transferable to another pet?
Licenses may not be transferred from one pet or another. You will be required to obtain a license for each pet.

Do I have to keep the license tag on my pet?
Yes, you must keep the license tag on your pet at all times.