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Meet Your Mayor

Becky Erickson

200 NE Moe Street (3rd Floor)
Poulsbo, WA 98370
(360) 779-3901


I was born in Seattle in 1954 and raised on Lake Meridian in Kent. My father was employed as an Engineer for Boeing for 35 years, as well as an ordained Episcopal Deacon. My mother taught art and stayed home to raise me and my 3 siblings. I put myself through college and graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Economics in 1979.

My husband Jerry and I have 2 children, Caty and Jobe (both teenagers). Our farm on Noll Road has been in the Erickson family for over 50 years. Jerry graduated from North Kitsap in 1970 and works as an Ironworker for Sellen Construction. There is great picture of his mother Barbara in the diner on Viking, cooking back in the 1950s. Jerry’s dad used to shoe horses all over Kitsap County.

I have worked as a business manager and an accountant for over 30 years. My areas of expertise are finance and computer science.

I am a voracious reader, I am fascinated by numbers, and I love to cook, play in the garden and take long walks. One of my favorite things is to put on my IPOD and just walk around the streets of Poulsbo. We are blessed to live in a wonderful place.

Boards & Committees
  • Department of Emergency Management Board
  • Highway 305 Coordination
  • Homes for All Kitsap County
  • Housing Kitsap
  • Kitsap 911
  • Kitsap 911 Executive Committee
  • Kitsap County Health District, Chair
  • Kitsap Economic Development Association (KEDA)
  • KEDA Executive Committee
  • Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council (KRCC), Vice Chair
  • KRCC Executive Committee
  • KRCC Planpol
  • KRCC Transpol
  • Kitsap Transit, Vice Chair
  • NK Fishline Board
  • Poulsbo Historical Society Board
  • Poulsbo Rotary Domestic Violence Task Force
  • Poulsbo Social Services Committee
  • Puget Sound Partnership Local Integrating Organization
  • Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) Transportation Policy Board, Vice Chair
  • PSRC Executive Board
  • PSRC Executive Committee
  • PSRC Operations Committee

The Mayor’s Office

The Mayor’s office, located at City Hall, provides an open door to public participation and civic government. As the chief executive and administrative officer of the City, the Mayor is in charge of all departments and employees, ensuring that applicable ordinances and regulations are enforced and that law and order are maintained in the City. The Mayor presides over meetings of the City Council, reports to the Council concerning financial and other needs of the City, and makes recommendations for Council consideration and action.

Schedule an Appointment

Mayor Erickson has an open door policy. Mayor Erickson is also available and in the office (in the 2nd floor lobby) every Saturday, 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM; no appointment necessary.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment with Mayor Erickson, please e-mail Mayor Erickson or call (360) 394-9700.