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Police Department > Alarm Registration

If you have an operational alarm in your business or residence and you are within the city limits of Poulsbo, your alarm must be registered with the Poulsbo Police Department. This applies to both businesses and residences which may have either an audible or silent alarm system in which the Police would be dispatched in the event of an alarm being triggered. Examples of types of alarms that need to be registered could be Burglary, Robbery, or Panic/Distress.

This is an annual registration with renewal in January of each year. To register your alarm, simply print out the opens in a new windowAlarm Registration Formopens PDF file , complete and mail in with your $25 payment to the address as directed on the form.

False Alarms

A false alarm is when the Poulsbo Police Officer is dispatched to an alarm that has been triggered (again, either audible or silent) and upon arrival and investigation, it is determined that the alarm went off due to employee/resident error, equipment malfunction, or perhaps an overly sensitive motion sensor. In other words, there was not an actual emergency that needed a police response. While we encourage the use of alarms in local businesses or residences, please keep in mind that repeated false alarms can exhaust emergency personnel resources and possibly take them away from a true emergency.

Per opens in a new windowPMC 9.12.050, an administrative fee of $25 may be assessed for a second false alarm within six months and a fee of $50 each may be assessed for subsequent false alarms within the next six months of the second.