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The Sewer Division provides collection of sewage for the City of Poulsbo with approximately 58 miles of sanitary sewer main lines and 9 wastewater lift stations. The City’s system transports the flow to the Kitsap County Metering Station where it is then directed to the Central Kitsap Wastewater Treatment Plant at Brownsville.

The Sewer Division performs inspections and cleaning of sewer main lines, manholes, and general operation and maintenance of the sewer pump stations.

The City currently provides service to approximately 4,200 residential and commercial utility customers located in Poulsbo.

Inquiries should be directed to Public Works, (360) 779-4078.

Sewer FAQ’s

Wastewater Service Penalty for Non-connected Services:

Poulsbo Municipal Code Sections 13.70.610(F) and 3.12.100(E)(4) state that residences or facilities within 200 feet of the city’s sewer system are required to either hook up to the sewer system or pay a monthly penalty. The 2011 penalty fee of $36.81/month will be waived by the city if the property owner provides evidence to the city that they have met the septic system maintenance requirement of State Health rules (WAC 246-272A), which states:

“Assure a complete evaluation of the system components and/or property to determine functionality, maintenance needs and compliance with regulations and any permits:
(i) At least once every three years for all systems consisting solely of a septic tank and gravity subsurface soil absorption system;
(ii) annually for all other systems unless more frequent inspections are specified by the local health officer.”

If evidence is provided that the above evaluation has been conducted on the system by a certified Septic Tank Pumper or Monitoring and Maintenance Specialist, the penalty will be waived. In order to continue to receive a waiver of penalty, it is the land owner’s responsibility to ensure the system evaluation stay current and is submitted to the City.