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Poulsbo Parks and Recreation has two gardening experiences for gardeners at Raab Park!

The 54 plots at the Raab Park Community P-Patch are available for rent beginning March 1 of each year.

The WSU-Kitsap Extension Office and Master Gardener volunteers maintain and provide the Children’s Demonstration Garden at Raab Park. The Monday summer program runs June-August.

Raab Park Community Garden (P-Patch)


The goal of this program is to provide community organic gardening space for the public. The P-Patch has 54 sunny garden plots available for rent each year in three sizes. Information and resources on organic gardening are provided as well as many hand tools and gardening implements. Produce may not be sold, but may be shared or donated to a food bank. If you are a new gardener, email or call Poulsbo Parks and Recreation at (360) 779-9898 to be added to the waitlist after January 3. Returning gardeners will have until February 28 to reserve their plot. Those on the waitlists will be called within the first two weeks of March to have their plots assigned.

The P-Patch common spaces are managed entirely by volunteers. Volunteers are also needed during the summer to do vacation watering. Please let staff know at registration if you are able to help with these tasks.

Raab Park Youth Garden

The Raab Park Youth Garden is a partnership between the City of Poulsbo Parks and Recreation and the WSU-Kitsap Master Gardeners. The Garden began in 1997 through the combined efforts of both partners and funding from local service organizations and grants. The continued improvement of the garden and success of the children’s program is supported by the work of WSU Master Gardeners, the Poulsbo Garden Club, the Master Gardener Foundation of Kitsap County, Suquamish Tribe, Poulsbo Kiwanis and Rotary Clubs, Home Depot, Valley Nursery, and community volunteers.  The purpose of the garden is to involve children, families, and the public in learning about sustainable gardening. In addition to participating in crafts, learning, and fun, the food harvested by the children goes to Fishline Food Bank.