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Hearing Examiner

What is the Hearing Examiner?

Local governments in Washington State have the option of hiring or contracting with a hearing examiner to conduct required quasi-judicial hearings.  A hearing examiner is an appointive officer who acts in a manner similar to a judge and typically is an attorney.  The basic purpose of having a hearing examiner conduct these hearings is to have a professionally-trained individual make objective quasi-judicial decisions that are supported by an adequate record and that are free from political influences. The City of Poulsbo utilizes the hearing examiner system for certain land use decisions, such as subdivisions, variances, and shoreline permits as well as appeals and various other decisions.

The purpose of a public hearing is for interested people to provide the Hearing Examiner with information and testimony on the subject for which the hearing was convened.  Notification of the hearing is published in the newspaper of general circulation, as well as being posted at the project site and at certain official public notice locations.  The public hearing is normally an official “on-the-record” hearing which allows the Hearing Examiner to obtain data that will be considered in his/her deliberations following the close of the hearing.

After the meeting, the Hearing Examiner reviews all pertinent data, letters, and testimony from the hearing and issues a written decision.  The decision is mailed to all parties of record, which includes anyone who has submitted written comments during the comment period or who testifies during the public hearing

Public Hearing Notice for April 22, 2021 (Click text)opens PDF file

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, public hearings must be held virtually.
Call-in number: 1-253-215-8782    
Video Recording (click to view)


Agenda Item 1: Port of Poulsbo Breakwater – Public Hearing – 10 am

Addendum to the Planning Commission Staff Report and Exhibits


  • Due to the Governors “Stay Home – Stay Healthy” Order, hearings must be virtual.
  • We encourage written public comment submission prior to the meeting via email to Citizen comments will also be accommodated during the virtual meeting.