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How do I sign up for e-billing?

The quickest way to enroll in e-billing is to go to the website printed in red on your City of Poulsbo utility bill. Enter the E-Statement Access Code provided under the enrollment site and your 7-digit utility account number. (ex: 00000-00). If for any reason you are not able to enroll using the information on the bill, please contact the City of Poulsbo Finance Department at 360-394-9881 or email,

Link to registration site: Viewpoint (



Will I have to create a username and password?

Yes, e‐billing customers will be registering with our billing provider, Databar, through their Viewpoint portal to enroll in e‐billing. After entering your registration information on the screen (example below) it will ask you to create a username, password, and security question with an answer.

Registration Screen

How do I update my information with Databar through Viewpoint?

When you are signed into your Viewpoint account you can use the My Viewpoint menu to update your password, security questions, or email address.

Do I still need a separate username and password through the City of Poulsbo eGov website?

Yes, you will still need an eGov account to make online utility payments and view information regarding your utility account.
The City of Poulsbo’s eGov website: Welcome to eGovPLUS – Login (
*Utility payments will not be accepted through Viewpoint, our e‐billing provider.
If you do not have a username and password with the City of Poulsbo, you can make a one‐time utility
payment at: Pay a Bill | City of Poulsbo

If I have e‐billing, will it change how I make a payment?

No, our payment procedures remain the same. We accept online payments through the City of Poulsbo website at: Pay a Bill | City of Poulsbo
Physical payments will still be accepted through USPS mail, City Hall drop boxes, and the Cashier’s desk on the 3rd floor of City Hall.

I made a duplicate payment due to receiving both a paper and emailed bill. Can I get a refund?

No, the City will not issue refunds for duplicate payments. You will receive a credit on your next bill.


When will I receive my first e‐bill?

If you sign up for e‐billing by the 20th of the month you will receive your e‐bill by the 1st of the following month.

Will signing up for e‐bills automatically cancel my paper bill?

No, utility customers will need to contact the Finance Department to cancel paper bills. Requests can be made by phone at 360‐394‐9881 or by email to Only the listed account holder (property owner or authorized tenant) may cancel paper bills.

Are tenants able to receive e‐bills?

Yes. Authorized billing recipients, including tenants and property managers, should sign up for e‐billing through the website printed on the utility bill and complete the enrollment process. Tenants who are not on the account and receive billing information through a property manager are not eligible for e‐billing.

If my tenant signs up for e‐billing, will I still receive a dual notification?

Yes, however, dual notifications will only be available on paper due to provider limitations.
*Dual notifications are only sent to property owners if the account is past due.

I have multiple City of Poulsbo accounts. Do I have to set up a new username and login info for each?

No, please contact us to have multiple City utility accounts added to your Viewpoint account.

Will I receive an e‐notification if my account reaches shut‐off status?

No, the shut‐off notice procedure will not change. Notices will still be sent by USPS mail, then door tags will be hung for 24 hour notice of shut off and actual shut off.
*City of Poulsbo utility bills are always due by the 20th of the month to avoid penalties and shut off.

What if I don’t receive my e‐bill?

The policy is the same as with paper bills. Account holders are responsible for the monthly balance regardless of receiving the bill. Utility bills are always due on the 20th of each month.
If you do not receive your e‐bill, please check your account with Viewpoint to ensure that the correct email address was provided and check junk/spam folders. E‐bills will be sent from Please add this to your allowed email address list to help ensure delivery.

If you need your utility balance, these options are available:
‐Sign in to your City of Poulsbo utility account at https://plus‐
‐Sign in to your Viewpoint account to view your bill at
‐Contact the Finance Department by email, or by phone, 360‐394‐9881.
‐Visit us on the 3rd floor of City Hall Monday‐Friday, excluding holidays, from 8:00‐4:30 pm (closed for
lunch from 12:15pm – 1:15pm)