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2016 Comprehensive Plan Periodic Update

The City of Poulsbo is undertaking a periodic review and update of its comprehensive plan and development regulations, as required by the Washington State Growth Management Act, RCW 36.70A.130(5). The GMA sets forth that Kitsap County and its cities should review and revise, if needed, their comprehensive plans and development regulations to ensure the plan and regulations comply with GMA requirements.The periodic review shall continue for every eight years thereafter.

Poulsbo’s Comprehensive Plan has been updated since the original 1994 GMA Plan, with a significant update adopted December 2009. Amendments have occurred yearly since 2009, including amendments to policies, maps, functional plans, and the capital facilities plan. Since the City underwent a significant update effort in 2008-2009 of its comprehensive plan and 2012-2013 of its zoning ordinance, the 2016 Periodic Update will primarily be a check-in on the policy direction of the comprehensive plan, and amendments will be identified as needed and appropriate.

The City decided to review its 2009 Comprehensive Plan in concert with the more significant update efforts of Kitsap County and other local cities. The City initiated a public engagement and outreach entitled “community check-in” and established a public participation plan July 2015. The City also began updating all of its functional plans; the Water plan was completed and adopted in 2015 and the Sewer, Storm Water, Transportation and Parks plans were updated in 2015/2016, to be adopted with the comprehensive plan update. Other amendments were identified with the establishment of the 2016 comprehensive plan docket in January 2016, including revisions to the Economic Development Chapter and one site specific re-designation application.

Other GMA work has been accomplished in 2016 as well. Updates to PMC Title 19 (permit procedures ordinance required by RCW 36.70B) were adopted March 2016 and the City Council adopted a Transportation Concurrency Ordinance (PMC Chapter 14.04) June 1, 2016.

The GMA requires a review of the comprehensive plan and revise – if needed. After completing and submitting the Washington State Department of Commerce’s GMA Checklist, the City believes it has completed the minimum legal requirements for the 2016 periodic update requirement. However, an amendment docket was established in early 2016, and the September 2016 Draft Comprehensive Plan Update embodies those amendments.

Amendments to the City of Poulsbo Comprehensive Plan have been made throughout the document. Most amendments are updating information or data from the 2009 Comprehensive Plan document – for example, revisions based on updates of the City’s functional plans, Census 2010 and American Community Survey data, base parcel map update to all figures, updated OFM population annual estimates, as well as adding new photographs through the document. Other amendments are strategic, such as the updated Economic Development Chapter.

The 2016 Comprehensive Plan Update Draft amendments can be found in the links by Chapter below. Draft amendments are represented as bold underline for additions and strikeouts for deletions. A summary of the amendments by chapter of the comprehensive plan can be found in the document below:

2016 Comprehensive Plan Periodic Update – Proposed Amendments Summary


Complete Document: Draft 2016 Comprehensive Plan (for functional plans, please see Section 4 Appendix B below)


Site Specific Re-Designation/Rezone Request

One site-specific application was submitted as part of the 2016 Comprehensive Plan Update. CPA 2016-01 (Foraker/Lanazafame) is a request to re-designation and rezone two properties totaling 5.56 acres from Residential Low (RL) to Office Commercial Industrial (OCI). The properties are located at 1700 NW Finn Hill Road and 21425 Urdahl Road NW, and are west and north respectively of the Gravitec building.

CPA 2016-01 Foraker/Lanazafame Redesignation/Rezone Request Application

Public Review Timeline

The following key dates have been identified for the 2016 Draft Comprehensive Plan public review, workshop, and hearing dates. All meetings are held at Poulsbo City Hall, Council Chamber, 200 NE Moe Street.


September 2016 Public Release of the 2016 Draft Comprehensive Plan Update:

  • September 27, 2016 Draft Comprehensive Plan Update document released to Planning Commission. – Draft Planning Commission Meeting Minutes
  • September 28, 2016 Public Release: webpage live; notice to Commerce; email Comprehensive Plan E-notice list with release information and link. Overview to Council Economic Development Committee.
  • October 2016 – Planning Commission workshops, 6pm.
  • November 1, 2016 – Release Planning Commission Public Hearing Document
  • November 8, 2016 – Planning Commission Public Hearing, 7pm.
  • November-December 2016 – City Council workshops, 7pm.
    • November 16, 2016 – City Council Workshop: transmittal of PC Recommended 2016 Draft Comprehensive Plan to Poulsbo City Council
    • November 30, 2016 – Special City Council Workshop
    • December 7, 2016 – City Council Workshop
    • Optional Dec. 10, 2016 – Continued review if needed
  • December 14, 2016 – City Council Public Hearing on PC Recommended 2016 Draft Comprehensive Plan.
  • Adoption December 14 or 21, 2016.

Public Engagement Opportunities

The City is committed to providing multiple opportunities for the public to engage in the Update throughout the process. The City will take advantage of various modes of communication to inform the public and encourage their participation.

Website: This webpage is where interested citizens and community members may visit for status updates, draft documents, official notices, minutes, and other project information.

Community Check-In: The City initiated the Project Poulsbo 2036 periodic update with a community check-in. A community survey was available July-September 2015 to solicit specific feedback from interested citizens. An open house was held in September 2015. The public comment received during the community check-in period was collected and can be found below.

Community Survey Feedback

Thank you to all who participated in the community survey. The results of the entire survey can be found below under 2015 Survey Results and our analysis of the results can be found under the 2015 Questionniare Results Summary Findings.

E-notice mailing list: An e-notice mailing list of interested persons and organizations has been established. Those on the e-notice list will receive periodic notices regarding Project Poulsbo 2036 progress. Individuals interested in being on the mailing list should contact the Poulsbo Planning Department at (360) 394-9748 or at plan& and request being placed on the Project Poulsbo e-notice mailing list.

Comment: Interested citizens are encouraged to provide comments to the City by letter, email or fax. All comments will be forwarded to the Poulsbo Planning Commission and City Council. Written comments can be submitted by the following methods:
City of Poulsbo Planning and Economic Development Department
200 NE Moe Street
Poulsbo, WA 98370
Fax (360)697-8269

Attend: Interested citizens are encouraged to attend and provide verbal comments to the City during the community check-in open house, or at the Planning Commission and/or City Council workshops and public hearings. Please see the 2016 Comprehensive Plan Update Public Participation Plan for more details.

Contact the Planning Department

Phone: (360) 394-9748
Fax: (360) 697-8269
Email: plan&
Mail: 200 NE Moe Street, Poulsbo WA 98370
Physical Address: 200 NE Moe Street, Poulsbo – 2nd Floor