The Poulsbo Events and Recreation Center (PERC) is a concept for a multi-use recreational, educational, and events center.

With the financial support of the Kitsap Public Facilities District and the encouragement of the Kitsap Community, the City of Poulsbo is undertaking the development of this new regional center.

UPDATE – October 15, 2021: The PERC Site Design Concept has undergone refinements through focusing on event center and outdoor recreation, based on the robust input received from the Community Steering Committee, the input received from the Poulsbo community, and findings from the PERC Market Analysis Report. ARC Architects team members presented updated programming options, and a preliminary site and building design to the Community Steering Committee on Thursday, September 9, 2021.  Check out the September 9th summary packet by clicking hereopens PDF file . The meeting video may be viewed from this link. You may also find these resources below in the Steering Committee section of the Community Engagement webpage (link button below), inside the Meeting #4 tab

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Access to indoor recreation for all ages, with diverse programs and quality equipment


Including lighted fields for active sports and passive recreation settings for family, student and resident enjoyment


For regional events that connect business, educational institutions and recreational users from across the region


“The Poulsbo Event and Recreation Center is the future for social, educational and recreational actives for all of north Kitsap. It will be a the gathering place for our entire community.”
Becky Erickson, Mayor of Poulsbo

The City of Poulsbo welcomes the community to an exciting opportunity to participate in the planning of a new events and recreation center!

We are inviting everyone to help determine the best and highest potential for this new public facility known as the Poulsbo Events and Recreation Center or PERC. The City’s planning and parks and recreation teams wants you to be part of the planning process for this regional center; a center that will host sports events, provide new and improved Parks and Recreation Department spaces, and connect our education, business, and performing arts communities with an events and conference space.

Let us know your preferences and what ideas you have to make this an exceptional community asset.

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