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Engineering > PMC Chapter 15.24 – Floodplain Management Revision and Update


Chapter 15.24 of the Poulsbo Municipal Code regulates and manages development in areas of special flood hazard within the City. The City’s adoption and enforcement of 15.24 promotes public health, safety and welfare by reducing loss of life and property damage due to flooding and by minimizing expenditures for flood control projects and for rescue and relief operations. Chapter 15.24 allows property owners in the City of Poulsbo to purchase flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

Periodically the Flood Insurance Maps are revised and updated by FEMA. In addition, language and references in Chapter 15.24 may be necessary to be revised and updated in order to keep the City code up-to-date. If the City codes are not updated and the new maps are not adopted, then the property owners in the City of Poulsbo may lose the ability to purchase flood insurance through the NFIP.

In 2016, FEMA completed a coastal zone flood mapping update, using better technology to properly map the effects of high water combined with wind driven wave action. This study and the associated maps were finalized and published with the official date February 3, 2017. As part of the update, FEMA staff also reviewed Poulsbo Municipal Code (PMC) Chapter 15.24 – Floodplain Management for compliance with current FEMA National Flood Insurance Program requirements, identifying changes as needed.

In general, the revisions to Chapter 15.24 are minor in nature; the overall intent of 15.24 remains the same. The adoption of the February 3, 2017 maps in section 15.24.040 is imperative for the City to maintain compliance with NFIP requirements and for property owners to have the ability to purchase and maintain flood insurance. Several definitions were added to section 15.24.020 to ensure consistency with FEMA definitions.


  • To provide the public with timely information, an understanding of the process, and opportunities to review and comment on the Chapter 15.24 Floodplain Management revisions, and to have these comments forwarded to the City’s decision makers.
  • Ensure that information about the process is provided to the public early in the process and at regular intervals thereafter, to maximize public awareness and participation in the process.
  • Actively solicit information from citizens, property owners and stakeholders about their concerns, questions and priorities for the process and code section.
  • Encourage the public to informally review and comment on the update throughout the process.
  • Incorporate public comments into the local government’s review process prior to significant milestones or decision making.
  • Provide forums for formal public input at milestones prior to decision making by local officials.
  • Consult and consider recommendations from neighboring jurisdictions, federal and state agencies, and Native American tribes.


The revised code section are available for public review. The primary clearinghouse for information related to the update is the city website – – at the Engineering main page. Meeting dates, official notices, updates on the process, notice of application and environmental review, public hearing notices, and decisions will be posted.

Documents will also be available for review at Poulsbo City Hall 200 NE Moe Street, Poulsbo. Copies will be provided at a reasonable cost. Official notices will be published in the North Kitsap Herald and posted in the Poulsbo Post Office, Poulsbo Library and Poulsbo City Hall notice board. The local news media will be notified of the PMC amendments.

A mailing list of interested persons and organizations to receive notices regarding meetings will be maintained. Notice will be provided by email. Individuals interested in being on the mailing list should contact planning&


Comments may be provided at any time during the process. Written comments will be taken by the City and forwarded to the recommending and decision making bodies as part of the record. Send written comments to City of Poulsbo Engineering Department, 200 NE Moe Street, Poulsbo, Washington 98370, or fax them to (360)697-8269. In addition to receiving comments through regular postal mailing and fax comments may be sent to To ensure consideration, all written comments must be received by the City prior to the close of the City Council public hearing.

Verbal public comments will be taken at Planning Commission and City Council Public Hearings for these who wish to address the recommending and decision-making bodies in person.


March 13, 2017
Public Release of FEMA Code Updates: 1) posted on City’s website; 2) distributed to local, regional and state agencies; 3) email announcing availability of material sent to mailing list;

March 17, 2017
NOA / DNS Issued

March 31, 2017
NOA / SEPA Comment period over
CC PH Notice published paper

April 4, 2017
Staff Report Available

April 11, 2017
Planning Commission workshop
Planning Commission Public Hearing following workshop

April 19, 2017
City Council workshop
City Council Public Hearing following workshop

All meetings and Public Hearings will be held in the Council Chambers at 7pm at City Hall, 200 Moe Street, Poulsbo, WA.


The Planning Commission and City Council will conduct at least one public hearing each to gather and consider public testimony on the Floodplain Management chapter revisions. The hearing(s) are anticipated for April 11, 2017 and April 19, 2017 (see above for anticipated timeline). Public notice of hearings will state explicitly the date/time, review and location of the public hearing. The public notices will be published in the North Kitsap Herald, posted at the City’s public notice locations, and sent to the mailing list.


All public meetings and hearings will be audio recorded. Minutes and/or meeting summary for all public meetings will be prepared, and hard copies made available upon request.