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Housing, Health & Human Services

The Housing, Health and Human Services Committee meets the 1st Wednesday of each month at 4:00pm. The Committee considers matters related to the health and well-being of Poulsbo residents, with an emphasis on vulnerable populations. The Committee discusses City initiatives, programs and partnerships that address four community needs:

  • Affordable and transitional housing
  • Low barrier behavioral health services (mental health, substance use disorders)
  • Public health and equitable access to health services
  • Services for individuals with low and limited income across age groups, with a focus on our youth and seniors.

The Housing Health and Human Services Committee works closely with other Council Committees to serve Poulsbo residents. Conversations here are often held at a conceptual level and may serve as starting point for other Committees’ deliberations.  The Committee frequently coordinates with local social service organizations and welcomes opportunities for collaboration.

Committee Members
  • Britt Livdahl
  • Andrew Phillips
  • Ed Stern

The Council will now be meeting as a committee of the whole in regular council meetings beginning at 5pm. The council meetings will be noticed weekly and the agenda can be found on the Council Agenda Page.

Meeting Minutes (PDFs) & Videos

Video recordings started in November 2020 for this board. Not all meetings have corresponding videos, if a video is available it will be noted next to the minutes.